1. 5 stars
    Got to love a traditional cottage pie, i have never cooked it in a slow cooker so i was surprised how easy it was and the fact you can leave it and it turns out so good is a huge plus point for us busy mums like me.

  2. 5 stars
    Hello when you say saute the onion and mince in the stove top you can do this like take the crock pot from the slow cooker and put it on the hob to brown said ingredients for the cottage pie and it won’t crack or break buy putting it on the hob heat I’m slightly scared to do this you are sure that this is a thing many thanks 😀

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Yes it will be fine unless you have a ceramic pt then it is advised not to do it, but the pots in most slow cooker can be taken out and used in this way 😊

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