1. 5 stars
    Looking to do this for ages and never came across a recipe that was right but yours really was the best timings i could fine thanks the fries tasted so good.

    1. Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your feedback. After careful consideration from our millions of readers we came to the conclusion after going through our survey that the majority 80% for longish posts compared to 10% for shorter posts and 10% did not have an opinion.

      So with this in mind we decided to do longer posts and for the minority we have a jump to recipe button located at the very top of the post so if you press it you will jump to the recipe and miss the (life story) and this then keeps everyone happy or so we thought. We did not take into account that jump to recipe is quite hard to understand for the minority of people.

    1. Hi Loren,

      That temp seems very high just to have one temp. You could some frozen products and maybe some fries but i think that would be it, as you need a medium temp to cook food in the middle and not burn the outside, is there any recipe book with it ? 🙂

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