Learn Your Air Fryer

Learn Your Air Fryer. In this 52 week air fryer beginner course, you will master your air fryer one week at a time.

Learn Your AF  Binder

Learn Your Air Fryer Includes:

  • 52 weekly air fryer modules
  • A new module will be sent to you every 7 days
  • Read the course online or print it out
  • Download modules in PDF
  • Recipe cards for easy printing
  • Bonus how to air fry guides
  • Each week will focus on a different topic for you to master
  • Easy to follow air fryer beginner recipes each week
  • Recipes in both Metric & Imperial
  • Recipes in both Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Top air fryer advice from 11 years of air frying
  • Suitable for lots of different diets
  • Set your own learning pace

Where would you like to be a year from now with your air fryer? Right now, you probably have that brand new air fryer beginner feeling. You got the air fryer, and you know you can cook great things in it but don’t know where to start.

A great friend of mine inspired me to create a year long air fryer course for you, but she does not even know it. She was obese after pregnancy related weight gain, just like me. Then one day she decided to do something about it. She tried the couch potato to 5km running app. Exactly a year to that date of trying the app my friend who is now a lot slimmer than me, ran the marathon for charity.

She kept it quiet that it was a marathon and I nearly fell off my chair when I found out.

The importance of the story is that where would you like to be a year from now with the air fryer? If you are making fries with your air fryer now and couldn’t imagine making a whole meal in the air fryer or roasting a chicken, then let me take you one a one year course to air fryer perfection.

Take Guesswork Out Of Air Frying:

  • Understand the air fryer temperatures
  • Understand when you need to preheat your food and when you do not
  • Understand how to convert your favourite recipes to the air fryer
  • Understand how much oil you need when you air fry
  • Enjoy our tried and tested favourite air fryer recipes
  • Enjoy all in one meals that are cooked in the air fryer together
  • Enjoy healthier versions of the classics
  • Enjoy cooking in the air fryer with confidence
  • Download a huge selection of air fryer cook times
  • Download beautiful recipe cards
  • Download weekly modules in PDF
  • Download bonus modules that will help you learn the air fryer faster

 Just Imagine If You Could…..

  • Quickly get your dinner cooked in the air fryer. Throw your ingredients into the air fryer basket, get back to what you are doing and then come back to a perfectly cooked air fryer meal when the air fryer beeps.
  • Feel excited and happy (instead of overwhelmed) about the thought of using your air fryer. All because you now have all the tools that you need to succeed.
  • Have a concrete plan of action for what steps to take and in which order to learn your air fryer in your kitchen.
  • Feel completely confident about your new air fryer recipes and know what steps to take to make cooking with the air fryer a success for you.
  • Get clear direction for all your air fryer problems. From preheating, to dry food, to using oil and using too much oil, it is all covered and you will know what to focus on.
  • Start cooking great food in your air fryer this week because you’ve started talking the right steps and in the right order.

We’re the Milner’s.

I am Samantha and along with my chef husband Dominic we started RecipeThis.com in the November of 2015. The inspiration was to become the one stop place for everything kitchen gadget for kitchen gadget beginners. From air fryers to instant pots to slow cookers to soup makers, we wanted to be the ultimate resource.


When we bought our first air fryer back in 2011, there were no kindle ebooks or guides just the terrible quality free air fryer cookbook that came with your air fryer. The cooking times were wrong and no matter how hard you tried, it took a while to get it right. There was a lot of dirty air fryers and plenty of cheese that flew about and lots of dry fries.

Our knowledge has expanded more and more over the years and we now have more than 400 air fryer recipes that are among our readers favourites.

What our readers love about us and Recipe This is that we practice what we preach. We use our air fryer every day, often several times and have used air fryers since 2011.

These days, our ultimate goal is to help as many other aspiring air fryer cooks as we can, and this Learn Your Air Fryer Course is the perfect place to start! You can learn more about us and access more air fryer resources by clicking here.

You Asked, So We Delivered!

All our air fryer ebooks were created based on reader requests. Readers like yourself that is struggling with a certain element when it comes to air fryer cooking and wants to learn more.

The air fryer advanced mini course came about after several readers complained to me about a lack of quality air fryer mini courses. They had signed up for many, but they lacked true knowledge of the air fryer and just covered incredibly simple basics that they already knew.

They loved our air fryer advanced mini course, and it has become one of our best sellers. Which is amazing considering it was only launched recently.

But they had a complaint.

After the five days of the mini course was up and after they had gone through the recipes, they were left wondering “now what?”. They wanted a follow up course to the advanced mini course that would hold their hand for a longer time and turn them into air fryer experts.

After a few busy months we finally had the opportunity to sit down, put pen to paper and come up with a long term solution.

The solution was our Learn Your Air Fryer 52 Week Course.

Learn Your Air Fryer Course

Here are 7 AMAZING features of our air fryer course:

  • Recipe Cards – Blank carefully crafted and designed recipe cards that you can use for new air fryer recipes you create. You can fill them in and add them to your recipe binder.
  • Printed Recipes – As well as recipe cards we also feature printable recipes that are perfect for placing on the fridge, into recipe binders or saving in your recipe folder.
  • Cooking Times – Quick cooking times for your beginner air fryer recipes. Perfect for quickly printing out and adding to your fridge for quick reference later. Everything from chicken to frozen to potatoes to vegetables are included.
  • Air Fryer Beginner Recipes – Each week we are focusing on teaching you our favourite on topic air fryer beginner recipes. Each week we will have a different topic and you will be taught topic specific air fryer recipes that are easy for you to follow along at home.
  • Air Fryer Tips – We have been using the air fryer for a lot of years and we have a lot of air fryer knowledge. In our modules we will share with you important air fryer tips to make air frying even easier for you.
  • No Fail – Learn from our air fryer mistakes and the mistakes our readers have shared with us. We will share with you the best of the best air fryer recipes that are fail proof.
  • PDF Download – Each module is available in a downloadable PDF too. Ideal for printing for later, viewing on your tablet, accessing on your phone or just for viewing on your laptop.

All for the AMAZING PRICE of JUST $49.00 A Month:

Learn Your Air Fryer Modules

Here is a sneak peak of what is included in modules 1-6 of Learn Your Air Fryer:

Air fryer Course Modules
  • Introduction – Introducing you to the course and giving you a guided tour of how the course works. We will also show you how to download recipes and modules and print off what you need.
  • Module 1 – In getting to know your air fryer we teach you the air fryer basics. We cover air fryer mistakes, air fryer tips, understanding your air fryer, your type of air fryer and much more.
  • Module 2 – Top 10 air fryer recipes to cook first. Exactly as it sounds. Our top 10 easiest air fryer recipes that you should cook first to help build up your confidence.
  • Module 3 – Let’s talk air fryer vegetables. The healthiest way to cook in the air fryer and they are oh so delicious too. We will show you how to cook fresh and frozen vegetables in the air fryer along with our personal favourites.
  • Module 4 – Air fryer frozen basics. From your favourite mozzarella sticks to our keto readers favourite of frozen steak. Whether you are healthy or unhealthy in your air fryer cooking, you will love this module.
  • Module 5 – Is all about chicken breast. Whether you like it cooked from frozen, with marinade, from fresh or cut into strips as fajitas. We have your back, and you will love the various ways we cook it.
  • Module 6 – Dedicated to air fryer potatoes. We talk about the easiest ways to cook potatoes in the air fryer. I also share my favourite method for air fryer potatoes that you can rinse and repeat through several different air fryer potato styles.
  • Bonus Modules – During the first six weeks of the course you will also receive 5 tips to be better with your air fryer, confidence with your air fryer, air fryer cooking times, how to make air fryer vegetables better, where to source frozen meat, air fryer fajitas 3 ways and air fryer leftover potatoes 3 ways.

Learn Your Air Fryer focuses on a lot of popular air fryer topics. Each week we focus on a different topic and teach you everything you need to know about it, to be confident cooking with your air fryer.

whats included in the course

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Learn Your Air Fryer Course? The Learn Your Air Fryer is designed to show you, step-by-step, exactly what steps you can take to get to grips with your new air fryer. From learning the basics of the air fryer to cooking delicious meals in your air fryer, it is all covered in this 52 week course.

Packed with actionable PDFs you can use right away; this digital course is designed to help you take real action.  

How do I know if Learn Your Air Fryer is right for me? The Learn Your Air Fryer is for anyone looking to buy a new air fryer or someone that wants to expand their air fryer knowledge. This air fryer course makes it so much easier compared to going out on your own. There is a huge learning curve when you first get an air fryer, and we will make air frying easy.

What is the cost of the course? The cost of the course is a monthly fee of $49 over 12 consecutive months or a one off fee of $488. Working out at either $12 or $9 per module depending on how you choose to pay.

Is this a book? No it’s a 52 week drip fed digital course rather than a physical book.Our learn your air fryer course is only available in digital format. This is great for you because you can download the materials and access the course materials on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Then print off anything as and when you need it.

When will I receive my purchase? You will receive the welcome module and module 1 instantly after payment has been received. After this you will have each lesson drip fed 7 days after the previous, until you have completed all 52 weeks of the course.

What is your returns policy? We are confident that this Learn Your Air Fryer course will pay for itself within days with the knowledge you will receive, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, we do provide a 30-day happiness guarantee.

30 day money back guarantee

Is this a one time fee or am I signing up for a monthly charge? This depends on how you choose to pay for the course. There is a discount when you pay a one off fee, or you can choose to pay monthly.

I’m not very techy is this going to be hard for me to use? It is rather simple. You get an email once a week to let you know that your latest module is available to download. You can then download the files and enjoy the latest week of the course.

What type of air fryer is this course for? Many people that know us well, know that we are fans of the Philips Air Fryer. But we also own the Cosori Air Fryer, Power Air Fryer Oven and the Ninja Foodi. We have found that our air fryer recipes are easy to make in different brands of air fryers.

Can I test your course before I commit to it? Yes you can. We are offering future students of the Learn Your Air Fryer course a sneak peek of the course. Once you have entered your email address below, we will swiftly send over to you module 2. Which covers the easiest beginner recipes that you could ever make in your air fryer.

Is this course diet friendly? Every module cannot cater for every single diet. I doubt there is a course that can cover vegan, vegetarian, paleo, whole30, keto, gluten free, low fat, low calorie and 5:2 all in the same course.

But there are a lot of modules and recipe ideas featured in the course that are easy to adapt to your preferred diet.

During the breaded chicken module, it is easy to use paleo or keto friendly breading and then do the recipes as usual. Or when we have a frozen meat section you can swap the meat for your favourite vegan alternative.

We are a family that follow the Paleo diet and as such recipes that are paleo, whole30, gluten free and keto are plentiful.

Plus, the air fryer uses a lot less oil and it is natural that many of our recipes will be low calorie and low fat and ideal for diets such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers.

Buy Learn Your Air Fryer Today!

If you are ready to get confident with your air fryer, then we would love to welcome you into our Learn Your Air Fryer course. You can choose whether to pay a one off fee and save $100 or pay monthly if you are looking for a recurring payment plan.

If you choose monthly it is JUST $24.50 a month or save $100 and pay a one off fee of $244. Simply click on the banners below for instant access to our air fryer course:

Once payment has been received, you will receive an email from Send Owl (the people that process our secure payments) with the link to download your first weeks modules.

Looking forward to teaching you everything good I know about the air fryer.

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