1. 5 stars
    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome post. Was wondering about reheating my KFC in the air fryer.

    1. Hi Alisha,

      If it was not frozen i would start with a 8 minute reheat depending on the size of your chicken and using 160c/320f, and this should be ok for most pieces 🙂

  2. 5 stars
    I have stuffed chicken breast before, with feta cheese and arugula or something like this. And my Family was indeed impressed ???? The Caprese combo sounds pretty amazing!

    Harold Burton

  3. I just bought an air fryer today and surprisingly, the booklet that came with it talks mostly about Cooking (not reheating). Yours is the first article that comes up when searching for How to Reheat KFC in an air fryer, so I wanted to thank you for your work.

    I will write back with a recipe rating once I actually try this out.

    1. Hi JE from Canada,

      Really happy you found our article and are starting to use your new air fryer. Hope your chicken turns out good for you and we have loads of other re-heat recipes that you can follow 🙂

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