1. 5 stars
    Takes me back to when my mum made this. It is a good recipe and thank you for explaining so clearly how to actually do it and for it to turn out so good, my hubby loved it and so did the grand kids 🙂

    1. Hi Tom,

      It is a bowl specifically used for steaming. If you search on Amazon for a pudding basin or Google and you will see what it is, we just used what we had at the time to make these and they worked well 🙂

    1. Hi Kevin,

      The issue you have is in a pressure cooker it will steam it and cook quite quickly, also you have to wrap it up which is not good for the air fryer. We have not tried this only cooked sponge cakes and this is what you would be doing, add the golden syrup to the bottom of a cake pan then add the sponge on top and cook like our chocolate cake or victoria sponge, but like i said earlier we have not tried it, so cannot guarantee how it is going to turn out 🙂

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