Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon

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Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon served with seasonal Mediterranean vegetables. The perfect combo for a healthy, yet delicious lunch in the air fryer.

Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon With Mediterranean Vegetables

Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon

Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon is amazing. It can be shop bought ready for the air fryer, or you can make it from scratch – the choice is yours.

Either way, lemon pepper salmon tastes amazing in the air fryer. You have a delicious crispy edge, a delicious marinade that brings a delicious flavour to the salmon and then you have air fryer Mediterranean vegetables to serve with it.

But shall I tell you the main reason why you should cook lemon pepper salmon in the air fryer? Because of fear of burning it. I often see more burnt salmon then I do properly cooked salmon.

I hate burnt salmon as it goes really dry when salmon is overcooked.

Whenever I visit a Portuguese buffet for lunch, you’re guaranteed to see them serving up dry salmon. When it has been left on the heat for too long and then left out for too long after this.

I have also had many readers tell me that the great thing about the air fryer is that its like a microwave i.e. it tells you when it is done and stops cooking.

Unlike an oven or the hob when something else comes up, you forget about it and it ends up ruined.

Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon & Mediterranean Vegetables

Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon With Mediterranean Vegetables

When I eat air fryer frozen salmon all I want with it is vegetables. Salmon and vegetables just go so well together, and the vegetables get coated in the juices from the salmon and give you a big case of FOODGASM.

Growing up in England it was very rare to see salmon on the menu it was always fish and chips.

Living in Portugal I get to binge on salmon whenever I like. Being on the Mediterranean means that fish is always part of the eating out experience.

You can serve your salmon with any vegetables that you like but a medley of Mediterranean vegetables works best.

Plus, they are not root vegetables meaning that they don’t take long to cook. Unlike serving it with potatoes or carrots.

I used a prepped Mediterranean vegetable set that included:

  • Courgette
  • Red Onion
  • Yellow Pepper
  • Red Pepper
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Garlic

As well as this I used a prepped frozen lemon pepper salmon 2 pack that included:

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Air Fryer Salmon (from frozen)

Just like the rest of our air fryer frozen food recipes, air fryer salmon can easily be cooked from frozen.

You simply transfer the contents from the sealed bag into a dish that can be used in the air fryer and cook as usual.

You would cook for longer than normal, because the salmon is frozen. But apart from that everything else works the same.

Because lemon pepper salmon is frozen in its marinade bag, you need to have a container that you can use in the air fryer that can hold the juices.

From the picture below you can see that we used an old baking dish that fits in the air fryer:

Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon With Mediterranean Vegetables

But you could use whatever you liked, as long as it fits.

There must be no holes in it. Because you don’t want the marinade to disappear into the bottom of the air fryer.

My favourite solution for air fryer cooking is the air fryer baking pan. But if you want to cook lots of salmon at once it is too small. But for general marinades that is what I use.

Marketplace | Philips Airfryer Accessories – Philips Airfryer Non-Stick Baking Dish from

Where To Source Quality Salmon?

My favourite place for sourcing salmon from if you wanted to add your own lemon pepper marinade and cook it from scratch would be US Wellness Meats.

They often have some AMAZING deals on their high-end salmon and its delivered frozen. Simply grab a pack from the freezer whenever you want some and have salmon in the air fryer whenever you like.

I also recommend a read of my US Wellness Meats Review.

How To Cook Lemon Pepper Salmon In The Air Fryer?

Firstly, you would remove the packaging from the salmon and place it into a suitable container and then place this container inside the air fryer.

Then you would cook the lemon pepper salmon for 5 minutes each at 160c and 180c.

By cooking it at two different temperatures it allows to make sure the inside of the salmon is properly cooked and to also make sure that the salmon doesn’t end up overcooked.

Though if serving it up with Mediterranean vegetables like we did, then for the last 5 minutes you cook it with the vegetables.

That way everything can be piping hot and ready to eat at the same time.

Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon With Mediterranean Vegetables
Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon With Mediterranean Vegetables
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Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon With Mediterranean Vegetables

Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon served with seasonal Mediterranean vegetables. The perfect combo for a healthy, yet delicious lunch in the air fryer.
Prep Time1 min
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time11 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Air Fryer
Servings: 2
Calories: 385kcal


Recipe Ingredients:

  • 2 Frozen Lemon Pepper Salmon Fillets
  • 450 g Mediterranean Vegetables


  • Remove the packaging from the lemon pepper salmon fillets and then place them into the air fryer baking pan.
  • Cook them in the air fryer for 5 minutes at 160c/320f for 5 minutes.
  • Load the vegetables into the baking pan and cook for a further 5 minutes at 180c/360f.


The frozen lemon pepper salmon fillets that we used weighed 125g each. An ideal size for each person for lunch if served with vegetables. You don’t want to lose any of the amazing lemon pepper salmon marinade. Therefore, I open mine over the baking pan so that it will keep it contained. You can also buy frozen salmon and then add your own lemon pepper seasoning.
I love the salmon the best from US Wellness Meats. You can use a frozen pack of Mediterranean vegetables that have already been tossed in extra virgin olive oil. Or alternatively prep your own vegetables. If making your own remember to add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil before cooking. The Mediterranean pack of vegetables that we used, had courgette, garlic, peppers, red onion and cherry tomatoes.


Calories: 385kcal | Carbohydrates: 30g | Protein: 41g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 93mg | Sodium: 180mg | Potassium: 1310mg | Fiber: 9g | Sugar: 0g | Vitamin A: 11495IU | Vitamin C: 23.4mg | Calcium: 77mg | Iron: 3.5mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Frozen Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Salmon With Mediterranean Vegetables

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