Best Ever Philips Airfryer Key Lime Cheesecake

Welcome to my best ever Philips Airfryer Key Lime Cheesecake.

Welcome to my best ever Philips Airfryer Key Lime Cheesecake. We love it when a cheesecake is easy to make, easy to cook and tastes amazing. This is exactly what you have got with this family friendly key lime cheesecake cooked in the Philips Airfryer.

This recipe and all of the Philips Airfryer Cheesecake Recipes this week are sponsored by the Elsterware Spring Form Pans. A snug fit in the Philips XL Airfryer.

I think I have been having a love affair with limes. They’re my favourite of all the citrus fruits and I never stop wanting them.

When we bought our house (time flies it was March 2015) the first thing we noticed was that we had a lemon tree in the garden. It is a lovely great big tree and produces a huge amount of lemons. And we are sorry to say that they never seem to get used. My mum takes loads and we use them when we can, but it always feels like it is half full.

Plus when you have lemon chicken maybe once a month and maybe some lemon biscuits it is hard to get through them all.

But all I remember saying at the time is that we must get a lime tree as we love limes and that they are small and expensive compared to lemons.

Then I forgot and time passed us by.

Roll onto February of 2017 and we are on a mad hunt for the vegetable farmers event when we know they are selling lime trees, along with lots of other fruit and vegetables. It took us ages to find the place and an hour or so later and we are the proud owners of a lime tree. It only cost 12 Euros and we can’t wait to have our own limes.

But sadly it will be too late for this cheesecake and we will be waiting awhile. But thankfully we can dream about a future of Thai food, cocktails, key lime cheesecakes all made from our own limes.

Though in the meantime try out the Key Lime Cheesecake below and discover just how easy it is to make in the Philips Airfryer.

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Best Ever Philips Airfryer Key Lime Cheesecake
Serves: 8 slices
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Preheat the Airfryer to 180c.
  2. Rub flour into the sides and the bottom of a spring form pan so that it becomes non-stick.
  3. Crush the digestive biscuits. The easiest way to do this is to leave them in their packet and hit them with a rolling pin until they are like crumbs.
  4. Mix the melted butter into the digestives and place them in the bottom of the spring form pan so that they will become the biscuit base.
  5. In a mixing bowl add the sugar and soft cheese add mix with a hand mixer until it becomes incredibly thick and the sugar is well mixed in.
  6. Add the 3 eggs (crack it on the side of the mixing bowl) along with the honey and the vanilla essence.
  7. Add the juice and rind of 6 limes along with the Greek Yoghurt and mix in with a fork.
  8. Spoon the cheesecake mixture over the biscuit base and using a spatula level the top and sides so that it will look presentable when cooked.
  9. Place the spring form pan into the Airfryer and cook for 15 minutes on 180c, follow this with 10 minutes on 160c and 15 minutes on 150c.
  10. Place in the fridge to rest for 6 hours and to set properly before serving.
This recipe is based on cooking it in a 10 inch spring form pan (using this one) in an XL Airfryer so if you have a smaller airfryer or spring form pan then please adjust timings.

Some Airfyers operate a low, medium and large settings. If this is the case replace 180c with high, 160c with medium and 150c with low.

If you would like extra key lime sauce on top – then mix together lime juice from 2 limes with a tablespoon of icing sugar. It will then make an amazing topping.

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