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Air Fryer Weight Loss Meal Plan. Today on the podcast we are sharing with you an easy to follow 7 day air fryer weight loss meal plan, that I followed to lose 3lbs a week over 4 weeks.

You can read all about it below and it is also featured in the Magic With Gadgets Podcast. Simply search for Magic With Gadgets on your preferred podcast player, then scroll to episode 7 of season 3 to access this awesome episode.

episode 7 - air fryer weight loss meal plan
Episode 7 – Air Fryer Weight Loss Meal Plan
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Air Fryer Weight Loss Recipes

In our weekly newsletter (it comes out every Friday morning if you are interested) I mentioned that I was following Weight Watchers on their new personal points plan and how with the help of the air fryer I was averaging a 3 pound a week weight loss in January.

As well as this, I also ate out twice, went for a weekend away and still managed to make the air fryer work for my weight loss.

I was then amazed by how many emails I received asking for my 7 day air fryer weight loss meal plan, as they also wanted help losing those extra pounds.

I also received many requests to feature my air fryer weight loss recipes on the Magic With Gadgets Podcast and today is the day you have all been waiting for.


Plus, as well as our free newsletter, we also have a free air fryer mini course. It is ideal for air fryer beginners or those that want to get more confident with their air fryer. The free course runs for 5 days with a new lesson delivered each day to your inbox.

Can You Lose Weight Using An Air Fryer?

Yes, you sure can use an air fryer for weight loss and I have done this many, many times. You see, the air fryer fits in very well around diets like Slimming World and Weight Watchers where you want to cut the fat from your diet.

You can then use the air fryer to make a lot of slimming recipes that are a lot lower in fat and make some fantastic diet shortcuts.

But this doesn’t mean that the food will be bland or boring. You can enjoy foods such as meatballs, burgers, fritters, big breakfasts and more.

Top Air Fryer Recipes For Weight Loss

Now that I have answered your question and confirmed that an air fryer is good for weight loss, let me share with you my top air fryer recipes for weight loss.

  • Air Fryer Breakfast Casserole – We made our breakfast casserole on the Sunday as a make ahead breakfast and then enjoyed it reheated for Monday to Thursday breakfasts.
  • Air Fryer Soft Boiled Eggs – You will love how easy it is to make your favourite soft boiled eggs in the air fryer. Then for keeping it diet friendly swap the toast for cucumber or carrot sticks.
  • Air Fryer Banana Souffle – Blend bananas and eggs together and then add cinnamon. Air fry and you have a delicious easy breakfast.
  • Air Fryer Full English Breakfast – If you are on a diet and still want your fry up then this is how it is done in the air fryer. We kept ours lower in calories by using turkey bacon and by using low fat sausages.
  • Air Fryer Frozen Salmon – Then for a quick fix we had frozen salmon in the air fryer with green beans for 3 out of our 7 lunches.
  • Air Fryer Whole Chicken – Compared to oven baked an air fryer whole chicken needs a lot less fat to make crispy. You can then serve it with some air fryer veggies.
  • Air Fryer Turkey Breast – You can cook a boneless turkey breast in your air fryer basket and then serve it with either salad or vegetables. Then it also becomes lunch the next day thanks to the leftovers.
  • Air Fryer Pot Roast – You can cook roast beef, carrots, and potatoes at the same time in the air fryer basket to make a pot roast. Its easy to keep the fat low and you can focus on lots of carrots on your dinner plate. Then because there are plenty it can also be leftovers for dinner.
  • Air Fryer Zucchini Fritters – If the kids had their way, they would have these everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It makes a quick dinner and you can load it with hidden veggies such as carrots, zucchini and sweetcorn.
  • Air Fryer Cobb Salad – A cobb salad makes a filling supper for the family and is also very low on Weight Watchers points depending on what you add. Plus, you can boil the eggs, cook the chicken and the bacon together in the air fryer to save on time.
  • Air Fryer Burger In A Bowl – You can also use the air fryer to make a burger in a bowl. Keep it even lower in the WW points by swapping beef for chicken for the homemade burger.
  • Air Fryer Harvest Casserole – Traditional for autumn this works well any time of the year with mixing and matching the ingredients. You dice up peppers, sweet potato, zucchini, apples, or whatever else you have. Add in diced reduced fat sausages, add extra virgin olive oil, mix and season. Then air fry and you have a one pot skillet style air fryer healthy dinner.
  • Air Fryer Frozen Meatballs – Air fry some of your favourite frozen meatballs (we used skinny meatballs from Aldi) and then serve over spaghetti squash and salsa. Then top with some reduced fat grated cheese.
  • Air Fryer Pork & Apple Burgers – This is a wonderful easy burger that you can cook in the air fryer. Perfect for using up your apples and very filling. Serve without a bun with a side salad.

And those are the 14 BEST air fryer weight loss recipes that we followed for 7 days. The salmon and the breakfast casserole we ate the most, but its nice to have something easy on meal rotation.

PS: Cheap Air Fryer Weight Loss

The most important thing to mention about our healthy air fryer recipes for weight loss, is that the majority of them are made using Aldi produce.

Quite often when we go on a diet everything is expensive, yet I often recommend that instead of joining a diet club to buy an air fryer instead. Then use the delicious food of Aldi in your air fryer.

PPS: Air Fryer Diet Recipes Meal Plan

free 7 day air fryer meal plan

Also, below our very talented graphic designer has put together the air fryer meal plan into a PDF for you. Along with the links to the recipes featured.

You can click here and subscribe to Recipe This and then download your free diet meal plan and then follow it along at home.

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