1. 5 stars
    Lovely! Great air fryer frozen recipe! Though can’t get Tyson where i live so will swap for a local brand.

  2. Dumb question, but I can’t tell if the Tyson chicken tenders you refer to in your recipe are precooked or not. Thanks

  3. Make sure you’ve had plenty to eat before scrolling to find instructions. In fact, might wanna have a few meals ready to go. After the thrilling autobiography and what seems to be a complete trilogy, I finally got to the part I actually wanted… The temperature and time. Glad she told us to remove the food from the packaging. God only knows how many times I’ve made the mistake of leaving the food in the plastic packaging, saved me some embarrassment.

    1. Hello Richard,

      My old buddy. In the UK Richard is shortened down to Dick, just a thought. If you are as intelligent as you say you would have seen at the top of the post some red writing in red text, “jump to recipe” which means for those at the back, when pressed it takes you straight to the recipe, so no need for sarcasm and puting such a long comment as i had to also grab some food to just read what you had put 😉

      1. Your blog, your instructions, your time, and your energy spent posting! No need to explain anything to anyone at all! Thanks for the read though ????. And thanks for posting this saved me! I wish Tyson would update all of their products with air fryer instructions!

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