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The complete air fryer cookbook will be in your hands in less than 3 months from now and we are so pleased to be sharing with you all the key details of our air fryer accessories giveaway.

The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook Accessories Giveaway
The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook Accessories Giveaway
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Exclusive To Those That Pre-Order!

But first before we dive into what we are offering you as a pre-order customer, note that if you have not pre-ordered yet, then its not too late.

Simply click here and pre-order your copy of the complete air fryer cookbook.

By pre-ordering you:

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  • If you live in the USA/Canada you can be entered into our US/CA giveaway
  • If you live in the UK you can be entered into our UK giveaway
  • Worldwide customers will also receive our time and temp chart as a thank you for pre-ordering

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You can also read more about how the preorders work for this cookbook here and what it means to YOU.

Win Our Air Fryer Accessories

the ultimate air fryer accessories giveaway

It is no joke that we have spent more money on air fryer accessories than we have on actual air fryers.

Our favourite Cosori air fryer usually retails for just under £100 depending on the time of the year and what deals are on.

Yet the air fryer accessories that we currently have in our kitchen would have cost us about £300 altogether over the last 2 years since we bought them.

Then the accessories that we used throughout the creation of the cookbook and also in the studio easily cost us over £100.

So, I had the idea and asked the publishers that instead of giving away an air fryer, why not give away the accessories instead.

Many people are confused over what accessories that they need so it gives you an idea of exactly what we use and what we recommend YOU USE.

I was then actually surprised when I made a spreadsheet, added them all up and they came to £157.65. I then did the same for the US even though some were not available in the US we found the equivalent and the US accessories bundle came to $189.27.

Then I checked current Cosori prices (correct as of 20th june 2023) and they were £87.99 or $98.

What Air Fryer Accessories Are Included In The Giveaway?

Silicone Spatulas – We use silicone in the air fryer all the time. This is because it doesn’t scratch the air fryer and also because its easy for prepping the food and for stirring food in the air fryer.

Spray Bottle – We also have a spray bottle that we really like. During the testing of the recipes we tried out several different spray bottles and this was the firm favourite and you can also see it being used in the cookbook.

Set Of Ramekins – we also use ramekins for everything and no surprise that there are several recipes in the cookbook using them. Such as the blueberry crumble pots that you see on the front cover of the cookbook, as well as to air fry eggs in, plus they are brilliant for melting a little butter or even for mixing things in when you are prepping air fryer recipes.  

Thermometer – We also love to use a thermometer for cooking in the air fryer. It is fantastic for food safety for checking the internal temperature of your meat. But we also use it to see if it comes out clean for making cakes in the air fryer too.

Silicone Loaf Tins – These little loaf tins are so cute and made from silicone. Because they are silicone they don’t need to be greased first or lined with parchment paper. They are ideal for a small bread loaf instead of making our bread rolls, for a tea loaf, or another favourite.

8 Inch Silicone Pans – These are my biggest go to for my air fryer and I use them for everything. An air fryer chocolate cake, to do melted chocolate, for making yummy air fryer brownies, for making a Victoria sponge cake, and I have also used them a lot for pies. But if you don’t have an 8 inch air fryer what is good is that they can fit the size of your air fryer and fill the air fryer like an oven tray. 

Mini Spring Form Pans – These are something I discovered by accident at baking class with the kids. I looked at them and thought they would be ideal for the air fryer. We use them in our air fryer carrot cakes in the cookbook, but you can use them for any mini puddings, or why not use them for a mini cheesecake?

Muffin Tins – You would call them muffin tins, yet me being a Yorkshire girl I would call them perfect for making homemade Yorkshire puddings in!

Silicone Egg Cups – We take these egg cups with us whenever we travel with the air fryer, and they are fantastic for a lot of different recipes. You may associate them most with our air fryer egg cups, but we also use them for our strawberry muffins. From the cookbook we used them in the egg cups recipe, as well as the addictive egg and ham muffins.

7 Inch Pie Tin – This is what we used to use all the time in the air fryer before silicone came along and now, they get forgotten about among air fryer users. But they are still fantastic for baking cakes in, making pies or our personal favourite is using them for individual pizzas.

7 Inch Quiche Tin – These are another air fryer gem and one I certainly can’t live without. You would officially call it a tart tin, but to me it will always be what I make quiche in. I have also used it for cheese flan, egg and bacon pie, lots of savoury pies as well as traditional tarts. In the cookbook you will find it being used for 4 different pies (3 sweet and 1 savoury) as well as in a quiche recipe.

7 Inch Silicone With Handles – This is another of my cant live without accessories. Its amazing because thanks to the handles its very easy to move the food in and out of the air fryer. It is also rather deep so perfect for when you are making casseroles or other foods with a sauce and need something deeper. Though you will love the vegetarian lasagne in the cookbook made in this.

Mini Casserole Dishes – Last but not least, is our casserole dishes. It took me a long time to find one that would fit the size of the air fryer basket and I am pleased to say, two of these fit side by side in the air fryer and are great for his and hers desserts. We used them in the cookbook to make a delicious Aussie self saucing pudding. They just looked amazing, and our kids were in the studio that day to finish the ice cream!

And wow what a list. Those are all 13 of the different air fryer accessories included in the giveaway. One lucky reader in the US/CA will win all those as well as one lucky reader in the UK.

But it gets even better…..

5 lucky runner-up winners from the US/CA and 5 lucky runner-up winners from the UK will win what we are calling our top 5 accessories.

Those 5 accessories from above are:

And if you want to know out of those top 5 what my favourite is, then its this one.

The Time and Temp Chart

free air fryer chart when you pre order

But we don’t want anyone missing out. That is why we are offering a time and temp chart to EVERYONE THAT HAS PRE-ORDERED or pre-orders between now and the giveaway ending.

The time and temp chart is also available worldwide and all you have to do to receive it is email me at with a screenshot proving your pre-order and when the cookbook is released we will send the PDF straight over to you.

Or if you live in the UK/US/CA by entering the giveaway below you will automatically receive the time and temp chart.

The time and temp chart are a special extra which we call a companion to go with the cookbook.

It includes 4 pages of useful time and temps for recipes throughout the complete air fryer cookbook. A total of 111 different time and temps from frozen to reheat, to simple foods like chicken breast, salmon, toast, steak, and many others.

Many of these foods are ones that I air fry a lot and know the time and temp from memory and great for getting going with your air fryer and not having to get the cookbook out just to make salmon for lunch.

Extra Air Fryer Bonus

Here at Recipe This we will also be giving away our Learn The Air Fryer Course to both the UK and US/CA winner.

Buy the learn your air fryer course today

This course currently sells on our website for $49 a month for a year and is a 52 week course, with a new PDF every week teaching you a different skill for the air fryer and can help alongside the cookbook with becoming an air fryer expert.

You can learn more about the learn your air fryer course here.


If you live in the US/CA/UK then you have the chance to win all 13 of my favourite air fryer accessories that are featured in the air fryer cookbook.

There are also the runner-up prizes of our top 5 air fryer accessories.

Plus, the winner will also receive our learn your air fryer course which is worth $588.00.

Because of legal reasons we have a competition for the UK and for the US/CA meaning that there are 2 winners + 10 runner-up winners in total.

Everyone that pre-orders will also receive a copy of our time and temp chart which is so useful for remembering the time and temp as you are cooking in the kitchen.

What You Need To Do Now!

  1. If you have not already done so, pre-order your copy of the complete air fryer cookbook. And remember you will not be charged until the cookbook is released in September/October (varies depending on where you live)
  2. Get your proof of pre-order by taking a screenshot either on Amazon or who you have pre-ordered with.
  3. UK residents can then email their proof of pre-order here, please send over an email to with your proof of pre-order and please include your mailing address and then you will be entered into the giveaway + registered to receive the time and temp chart.
  4. USA/Canada residents can email their proof of pre-order here, please send over an email to with your proof of pre-order and please include your mailing address and then you will be entered into the giveaway + registered to receive the time and temp chart.
  5. Rest of the world pre-order customers including Australia, South Africa etc can email Sam & Dom here and attach their proof of pre-order and Sam & Dom will send over your time and temp chart when the cookbook is published.
  6. Make sure you do it asap so that you don’t forget. Giveaway starts 26th June 2023 and ends 15th September 2023.
  7. Get excited about the best air fryer cookbook coming to market which is not long now!

Order The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook Now!

The Competition Rules

Now before you go, let’s talk about those competition rules 😊

If you are entering from the US/CA:

Please send your order confirmation number to with your mailing address. Collected information will not be shared with any third party. Products will be mailed to the addresses given in the email. Must be a resident of the US or Canada to be eligible. 18+ to enter. One submission per person.

For complete rules visit

If you are entering from the UK:

To enter the competition in the UK you must be a UK resident with a UK address. Please send proof of pre-order to with your full mailing address. Products will be mailed to the addresses given in the email. Must be a resident of the UK to be eligible. 18+ to enter. One submission per person.

Entry to the prize draw is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are governed exclusively by English Law and under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. By entering this prize draw you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms.

The Promoter will only use your email address and other personal information in compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (including any amended, equivalent or subsequent legislation).

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  1. I am from Australia. Guess we can’t take part in the giveaway prize chances. Never mind.
    I am enjoying my Philips. XXL so love that your times match it. Fran

    1. Hi Fran,

      We are really sorry about that, but if you send us your email and when the book goes live we will still send you the cooking chart 🙂

  2. My name is June Clark,

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    God bless,
    June Clark

    1. Hi June,

      Yes we have received your proof of the pre-order. I have taken your address of this comment as it goes public and no one apart from you needs to know your address. Everything is done now so you can relax 🙂