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      The chicken seasoning is a jar of dried chicken seasonings from Spain. We can sometimes use chicken stock cubes if we did not have any in, but generally different countries have a jar of chicken seasoning and they will probably not change that much from country to country.



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    How can I cook the chicken? Do you have suggestions? I somehow don’t want to deep fry my chicken. I like frying it in a skillet and then finishing off in an oven. Would that work?

    1. HI SKC,

      It is combined. When you buy a container of dried garlic and onion it is a mixed tub and has both in there. Therefore if you bought them separately you need to half the amounts.

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    Looking forward to trying this as we live in the U.S. and love KFC! By the way “dried chicken seasoning” in America is called “poultry seasoning” ?

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