How To Make The KFC Secret Chicken Rub

"the kfc secret chicken rub"

Welcome to how to make the KFC secret chicken rub recipe.

I love chicken and I love a bit of spice on my chicken too so KFC chicken is perfect for me. But on the other hand I like to cut down on my calories and love to cook things at home.

So I have spent years working on my spices and getting them right and I have finally put together my version of the KFC secret chicken rub. The rub that you just have to add flour to and you suddenly have your outer layer for your KFC chicken.

Or take off the flour and double how much you use and you have the spicy blend ready to be used on KFC Zinger burgers.

You can also find a really good container for putting your spice mix into and then your KFC secret recipe can be used whenever you fancy some chicken.

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So if you are thinking about heading out to KFC this evening But instead fancy saving yourself 1500 calories then this is the way to do it. Actually, I remember the first time I heard of KFC copycat seasonings I was on a diet and I had a deep craving for some KFC food and it started a long term battle of getting my spice blend just right!

Use this rub, cover your chicken with a layer of egg followed by this and you have the best ever KFC copycat recipe that you can use over and over again.

Or alternatively treat it as your KFC chicken marinade and place it in a freezer bag with your chicken and leave it overnight and then cook it tomorrow.

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How To Make The KFC Secret Chicken Rub
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  1. In a measuring jug add all your ingredients together. Mix them well and then place them in a spices jar and then you have KFC spice blend for whatever you are making.
  2. To use it in your KFC cooking add 20% spice blend to plain flour. So if you are covering your chicken drumsticks in floured batter then have 1Tbsp of this spice blend to 4Tbsp of plain flour.
You can also freeze it in freezer bags mixed with the flour for whenever you need it.

"this is our kfc copycat chicken rub"

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  • avatar niveditha kora Nov 18, 2016, 11:09 am

    hi! thanks for the recipe. you have mentioned chicken seasoning in this KFC rub recipe. what is that?

    • avatar Samantha and Dominic Nov 18, 2016, 11:29 am


      The chicken seasoning is a jar of dried chicken seasonings from Spain. We can sometimes use chicken stock cubes if we did not have any in, but generally different countries have a jar of chicken seasoning and they will probably not change that much from country to country.



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