How To Chop Up A Chicken

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how to chop up a chicken

Welcome to how to chop up a chicken.

I am not talking about simply chopping up a chicken breast as anyone could do that. I am talking about the fact that we should all be chopping a raw whole chicken.

When you think about it most of the time we live in a pre-packaged universe. We buy a pack of chicken breasts if we need chicken breasts for a stir fry, we buy chicken wings by the pound and just shove them in our slow cooker and thighs just get bought to go in casseroles.

And the majority of the time when we buy a whole chicken it will be for a roast and would never have another use!

There is no effort that goes into the meat and we often end up paying more because we are getting it all pretty in the packaging.

But in reality it is not as hard as it sounds to separate a chicken ourselves.

We have only been doing this for the last few months, not that we couldn’t but because we had a planned agenda with our chicken and had never really given it that much thought.

Then once you have chopped it up you can then spread it over a few meals, cook it on a barbeque, stir fry it, make it into a casserole or stew or even roast it in the oven with lots of fresh vegetables.

But first here is how to separate your whole chicken:

  • Place your whole chicken on a clean chopping board.
  • Take the chicken wings off the site first, you’ve got find where the knuckle is attached to the breast bone. Slice in between the joint bones.
  • Next you slice down underneath the breast and grab both legs and pull them downwards and the bottom of the chicken should be pulled up so that you’re snapping the bone so that it is easier to remove.
  • Where the bone is poking up and you put your big knife in between, push down and your full legs will come out.
  • Now you should just have your two breasts left on the carcass. The breast in the centre of the chicken you will see a bone cartlidge with a breast on each side of it. Keep slicing the chicken breast down the bone so that it is coming off the bone. Do it as close to the bone as you can so that you are carving it and so that you are now just left with the carcass.

Or there is Plan B and according to my teenage son the best way to do it is to put it on a chopping board and smash it with a rolling pin!!!!

Here are a few other tips when it comes to chopping up your whole chicken

Please make sure you have a big knife that can go through the bones and a small chopping knife to go through the breast meat.

When removing the legs make sure you’re cutting in between the bones otherwise you will have splintered bone and it will be a nightmare to cut.

Make sure that both your knives are sharp otherwise they will do a bad job and you’ll end up with no fingers!

Make sure you are chopping between the joints and not the bone otherwise it will blunt your knife and the bones are very sharp if they are cut.

If you don’t cut the joints you’ll end up with bits of bone stuck in your chicken meat and it will turn out horrible.

Then once your chicken is chopped up, you can decide how best to cook it!

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