Easy Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls In The Air Fryer

Turkey Stuffing Balls In The Air Fryer

Welcome to my turkey stuffing balls in the Air Fryer.

If you’re looking for a healthy stuffing ball to go with your Christmas dinner then you’ve found it. This is perfect served with your turkey with Christmas or just as an extra treat.

The unhealthy side of me in the old days would have gone for some Paxo sage and onion stuffing mix at Christmas but I soon realised that to make the real thing is so easy that I should never have cheated on the quality in the past.

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Also as a family of four we buy sausage meat to make sausage rolls with and always end up with a lot of sausage meat left over so it becomes a frugal way to make the most out of our grocery purchases.

I find that the best way of making stuffing is with sausage meat because of the texture of it and it means you then need fewer ingredients which then makes it much quicker to make. I also go with the traditional sage and onion stuffing style because it is the most traditional flavour and then keeps everyone happy!

You can swap the sausage meat for turkey mince if you prefer which gives you a very similar end result.

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Easy Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls In The Air Fryer
Serves: 9
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Place your ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix well.
  2. Form into medium sized balls and place them in the Air Fryer
  3. Cook at 180c for 15 minutes and then serve.
If you find that your sausage meat is not firm enough then increase the amount of breadcrumbs in the recipe. Or if using turkey mince then we suggest that you add an egg so that it can bind well.

sage and onions

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