1. 5 stars
    Rump roast in the air fryer i did not think it was possible and mine turned out great, juicy and delicious, will be doing roasts again soon thanks.

  2. 5 stars
    I love a rump roast and i never thought i could cook it in an air fryer, may be those air fryer ovens but not a basket one. It was delicious my only issue is if we have family around i would need to cook 2 of these so may be i will not get rid of the oven just yet 😉

  3. 5 stars
    It was really nice and had a great crust on it will be doing more roasts in the air fryer great details and they are really easy to follow.

  4. I like to cook my lamb and beef on the barbecue at as low a temperature as possible. The lowest stable temp that I can get is 140 c. The meat comes out nice and tender. However I would like to get down to 110-120c to get even more tender. Can the air fryer do this? If so what are the pitfalls.
    Regards Geoff

    1. Hello Geoffrey,

      Yes our air fryers can get down to 110-120 c, this is the temp we cook our hard boiled eggs at and it is the same temp that the sous vide cooks steak at, there should not be any pitfalls as long as the time is set correctly so it will cook to the end and also be careful because some air fryers have a safety switch that when they get too hot they switch off to cool down and with the air fryer been on for longer than an hour this type of cooking might activate it 🙂

  5. 4 stars
    The recipe looks delicious, just wanted to ask – I usually make gravy from the meat juice, how do you make gravy? I’ve also heard that rump can be tough in the air fryer (because it cooks so quickly) though yours looks fairly tender 🙂

    1. Hi Ted,

      We usually make gravy from the meat juices as well as this gives it such flavour, we have this recipe on the blog:


      You can bypass the cooking bit and add the meat juices like we do to a blender with some cooked veges and you will have really tasty gravy. For our rump roast we left to rest for 15 minutes to let it settle and it came out ok, not too tough but also not the most tender meat we have cooked in the air fryer but it was good 🙂

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