1. 5 stars
    When releasing the seal for quick pressure release, I always place a tea towel over the valve to absorb the steam and prevent it from jetting up to and staining the ceiling.

  2. 5 stars
    Thanks for clarifying the “3” mark in the directions. Very unclear, so I did just that, filled it to the 3 line (litres). Took at least 20″ to come up to pressure. I thought I had a dud. Relieved!

    1. Hi Lynnie,

      Yes we were worried but glad you got it sorted out and hope you enjoy your new Instant Pot.

      Kind Regards


  3. I am so scared to start. I have heard horror stories of lids flying off, burns happening. Am I totally paranoid? (the answer is yes, btw 8-))

    1. Hi Karen,

      LOL sorry i had to laugh at that comment as that is what went through my mind when ordering one. We have not had any bad experiences with ours and we have put together some posts to help beginners get the best from there instant pots:


      Hope these will give you some confidence karen.

      Kind regards


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