Instant Pot Accessories & What You Really Need For Your Electric Pressure Cooker

Welcome to the Instant Pot Accessories list and what you really need for your electric pressure cooker.

Welcome to the Instant Pot Accessories list and what you really need for your electric pressure cooker. Forget all the hype that you must own several accessories for your Instant Pot as in reality you actually need less than you actually think. I am a frugal mum with three kids and these are the Instant Pot accessories I actually use on a day to day basis.

But first you are probably wondering why you need Instant Pot accessories at all and what is the point of them?

Well that’s what most new Instant Potters usually think. You have already bought the equipment, everything goes into one pot so what could you need?

In a nutshell, there are a few bits and pieces that you will need depending on what of course you plan on cooking in your Instant Pot.

For us for example we only used other things that we had in the kitchen cupboards and then ventured back to Amazon and via local shops to get ourselves kitted out for more adventurous Instant Pot cooking.

The Ups and Downs of the Instant Pot

When you first purchase an Instant Pot, or in many cases have an Instant Pot purchased for you as a gift, it can be a HUGE learning curve. All of a sudden you are taught that you can cook cheesecakes, boil eggs, make your own yoghurt and even make tough meat tender.

But it is also like starting to cook again from scratch. You have been taught how to cook eggs one way and now you are being told a completely different way.

It can be confusing and rather frightening when you start, even though you can soon get used to it.

Then someone mentions all these different accessories and all of a sudden you are having another down day as far as the Instant Pot is concerned. Therefore I decided to put a much smaller list together (compared to the other lists online) for what you really need so that you can start one step at a time.

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories Must Haves

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All of the accessories below we recommend for long term Instant Pot cooking that will come in useful for you over and over again. That we personally use for a variety of home cooking with your electric pressure cooker. They are all based around my Instant Pot but you could use them for a variety of electric pressure cookers.

We are also very frugal when it comes to what we buy for our kitchen and all of the items below we consider to be must haves rather than luxury household purchases!

Instant Pot Steaming Basket

Marketplace | Instant pot steaming basket from RecipeThis.comIf there is an accessory that I would recommend that you buy with the Instant Pot I would say it would be this one. The easiest way to start cooking is with steamed meat and vegetables and you want a steaming basket to go with it.

We use a steaming basket whenever we cook salmon, broccoli and potatoes and it makes a fantastic lunch for when you are following a healthy diet.

But when we first started using our Instant Pot we used our old steaming basket from our soup machine until we sold it.

Instant Pot Spare Silicone Ring

Marketplace | Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories – Instant Pot spare silicon rings from RecipeThis.comThis is something that you should purchase for when your silicone ring that you bought with your Instant Pot is worn out. They don’t have a very long life span and you want to have a back up one for when you need it.

There is nothing worse than when you go to cook something in your Instant Pot and your old one suddenly dies on you and fails to reach the pressure.

Instant Pot Cake Tin

Marketplace | Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories – Instant Pot cake tin from RecipeThis.comAs soon as you start cooking cakes in your Instant Pot you will need a cake tin in order to do so. It will need to be 7 inches (17cms) in order for it to fit perfectly inside your Instant Pot.

We thought at first that 7 inches was not big enough but once you fit it inside your inner Instant Pot you will see why you need it to be this size.

Then whenever you make a cake flour it before using it and cook the cake inside it.

You could also invest in some similar sized ones too, depending on what kind of things you plan on cooking in your Instant Pot.

Or if you are cooking a bundt cake use this tin.

If you get sick of round cooking and you want to go square then here is a square cooking tin.

Instant Pot Greek Yoghurt Maker

Marketplace | Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories – Instant Pot greek yoghurt maker from RecipeThis.comIf you are planning on using the yoghurt function on the Instant Pot I would highly recommend that you get the Greek yoghurt maker as it will really help you get started. You can then use it whenever you are making any of the yoghurts and it will simplify the process for you.

Instant Pot Stainless Steel Mini Pots

Marketplace | Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories – Instant Pot Stainless Steel Mini Pots from RecipeThis.comI love these for them being the jack of all trades. They simply slot in well into your Instant Pot and you can use them for whatever small little dishes you have planned.

My perfect use for them is for when you are doing rice as they are perfect for a portion of rice for lunch to have with your chicken. You can also use them for pasta and other little small portions of food. Also if you watch what you eat, they can be great for portion control.

Instant Pot Silicone Set

Marketplace | Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories – Instant Pot Silicone Starter Set from RecipeThis.comI love this as the ultimate starter kit for your Instant Pot. It has all the different Instant Pot silicone accessories that you would need such as mitts, sealing lid and pot holder.We particular love the pot holder for easily removing items from your Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Chinese Steamer

Marketplace | Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories – 3 Tier Chinese Steamer from RecipeThis.comThis 3 tier steamer system is perfect for cooking Chinese food. Just think about all these different sides that you have at the Chinese and how easy it would be to use this steaming system for cooking them or keeping them warm.

We love to use it for wontons and for spring rolls. You could also use it for non-Chinese food too depending on what you are cooking. Also because of how it is compact it is perfect for separating food if you are all eating different things.

Instant Pot Steamed Pudding Bowl

Marketplace | Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories – Instant Pot Steamed Pudding Bowl from RecipeThis.comIf you love steamed pudding then this is certainly an essential Instant Pot accessory. Use it to make a steamed toffee pudding, steamed spotted dick or even for a quick sponge to have with some custard.

This pudding bowl also fits perfectly into the instant Pot so you do not have to worry.

Instant Pot Ramekins

Marketplace | Instant Pot ramekins From RecipeThis.comI mentioned these last week in my Philips Airfryer accessories post and I am mentioning them again because they are perfect for the Instant Pot too. Say for example you want to make a really naughty chocolate pudding that would require steaming. You would simply place the ingredients into the ramekins and put them on the steaming shelf.

I also love them for mini versions of classic recipes such as mini stuffing pots, potato gratins and sticky toffee puddings.

Cooking Tools Set

Marketplace | Cooking Tools Set From RecipeThis.comI love a good cooking set and when you are stood over your Instant Pot cooking something it is perfect. The ladle is perfect for removing your food into dishes, the tongs for turning meat and the other utensils for your preparation and measuring.

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I have a drawer that I use that I dedicate to all my accessories for my Instant Pot and it is perfect for easy access later on.

Your Kitchen Cupboards

I would always say to start with a nosy around your kitchen cupboards and see what useful things you have that you can use. Look for ceramic or glass dishes that fit in with the size of your Instant pot, baking posts and so forth.

 The best thing we found in our cupboards was a small quiche dish that we hadn’t used in a long time. It has served as being the perfect size for making pastry dishes when you slot it on top of your steaming shelf.

Also remember – you can use anything in the Instant Pot that will A) fit in the Instant Pot B) is oven or hob safe. So have a good look around and see what you have that best suits it.

Other Instant Pot Accessories

Here are some other accessories for your Instant Pot that MIGHT come in handy but what we wouldn’t consider to be essential:

Instant Pot Inner Pot

Marketplace | Instant Pot inner pot From

Your Instant Pot comes with one of those but what about the time when you have an accident and need a replacement? Well this would be the time to get that replacement. However if you have just burnt the bottom then give it a clean with some lemon juice and it will come back as good as new!

Instant Pot Pan Gripper – Perfect for when you are getting your cooked food out of the Instant Pot so that you don’t burn yourselves.

Perfect Poached Eggs – If you want to make Instant Pot poached eggs then I would thoroughly recommend trying out these silicone inserts and then you can place them in your Instant Pot and produce perfect poached eggs.

Yoghurt Jars

Marketplace | Glass Yoghurt Jars From

These are lovely and pretty for your Greek yoghurt when you have made it. But I wouldn’t call it essential as you could just as easily use your leftover glass jars that you have from your pickled onions.

Instant Pot Accessories In Summary

You will find online that there is a serious case of “information overload” as far as Instant Pot accessories are concerned. Anyone and everyone have a list and I find that a lot of them are over the top and include things that you are rarely going to use. I am all about frugal and those above I use on a regular basis and have found to be very helpful.

Many of them are used as you start to conquer a new kind of cooking. For example you might start off just steaming your lunch in which case the only accessory you will need will be the steaming basket. Then you might learn how to make cakes with it and then get a cake tin. So take each day as a new day of a new type of cooking and then there will be no overwhelming feeling.

I have added the links to all the Instant Pot accessories that I have mentioned above so that you have a quick easy access list:

Also please note – we own the 6 litre Instant Pot Duo 60 electric pressure cooker and these are all tools that we personally use with this particular pressure cooker, so it is best to double check to make sure it is compatible with the one that you own.

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