1. Great article we are using an electric pressure cooker in our RV the idea was it could replace more appliances and save precious space.
    Your article is well timed as we don’t have any acceries yet.

    1. You’re welcome Randy,

      I would say that it was 100% perfect for the RV life. When we go camping or stay at hotels we always take a kitchen gadget with us. This summer it will be the Instant Pot!

      Also, if you don’t have much room then a lot of these accessories can fit in the instant pot when it is not in use.

      Kind regards


  2. If you get nothing else, at least while you’re still in the learning phase, get those silicon gloves. That IP is hot and steamy, no place for fabric oven mitts. They’re kind of clunky to work in but well worth getting used to. (Ask me how I know.)

  3. Is the mealthy lid available in the UK? Clicking on the link takes me to the US site. Not helpful for me 🙂

    1. Hi Kerry,

      Unfortunately no the Mealthy crisp lid has not made it over here. We had ours sent from Mealthy to test and they shipped it for us. The alternatives i can see for the UK are the Instant Pot crisp lids which fit on 2 of there standard Instant Pots, also Tefal do a crisp lid depending on what device you already have 🙂

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