Bread Maker Pizza Dough

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Bread Maker Pizza Dough. How to make the best ever homemade pizza dough in the bread maker. An Italian style pizza dough using active dry yeast created and perfected by my chef husband Dominic. Perfect for dumping into your bread maker and then rolling out and load up with your favourite pizza toppings.

This bread maker pizza dough was originally posted in January 2018, but my perfectionist husband has improved the recipe even more to bring you this updated version.

bread maker pizza dough recipe
bread maker pizza dough

Bread Maker Pizza Dough

I must admit us Milner’s are rather boring when it comes to our bread maker. It is a few years old now and we have hardly tackled any of the bread maker recipes we planned to make when we got our bread maker.

We have made more lots of homemade bread than we care to remember and many of our readers love our how to make bread in a bread maker recipe.

But we find that the one recipe for bread maker dough has so many great uses that we have not felt the need to do much else.

We love that we can load the bread maker with bread dough ingredients then click dough and roll out bread rolls for the air fryer, or we can select bread and we have a loaf of fresh bread.

A kind of bread maker dough that suits everything, but what if you used a similar system when it comes to using the bread maker for pizza dough?

When we got our bread maker back in late 2017, I said to Dominic that we MUST make some homemade pizza dough.

What you see today is Dominic’s delicious pizza dough recipe tested, tweaked, and perfected for easy and delicious pizza nights at home.

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Can The Bread Maker Make Pizza Dough?

This is the first question I get asked as not many realise that the bread maker is ideal for making fresh homemade pizza dough.

There are many people out there like us Milner’s that love the bread maker for simple breads and pizza dough.

You can load the ingredients into the bread maker, let it make your pizza dough and then prep the pizza toppings as the dough is being created.

Very quick for pizza nights at home thanks to the bread maker.

When we have made our own pizza dough in the past it has always felt like such a drawn out process. But with the bread maker you never have this problem.

Simple Bread Maker Pizza Dough

I remember casually asking Dominic to make bread maker pizza dough for me.

I came back in the kitchen and saw him melting butter in a pan. I was shell shocked because I had only been gone just over 30 minutes and could not believe that he had not progressed past melting the butter stage.

I asked him and was shocked with what he said:

“The bread maker pizza dough is ready, I have rolled it out for you onto your pizza tray and I am just making some caramel sauce for dessert for you!”

It turns out that bread maker pizza dough is ready and perfect for rolling out after just over 20 minutes. If you want a simple bread maker pizza dough then this is it!

Bread Maker That Makes Pizza Dough?

You will find that if a bread maker has a dough setting then it can make pizza dough. My recommendation for a bread maker for getting started with is this one.

Bread Maker Pizza Hut Dough

But even though I do love going to Pizza Hut I do find it expensive compared to other pizza restaurants in our local area.

Thankfully, our bread maker pizza dough is very much like pizza hut if you want to create a Pizza Hut dough at home.

You can also roll out our pizza dough thinner for bread maker pizza dough thin crust or leave it thicker for a bread machine pizza dough deep dish.

Bread Maker Pizza Dough With All Purpose Flour

I am British born and don’t have all purpose flour, instead I have plain flour. The thing is the two flours are the same thing, just a different name for different countries.

If you live in the UK, AU or NZ buy plain flour and if you are located in the US get all purpose flour.

Or even better, if your budget can allow it, go with a quality bread making flour or a premium brand of flour.

This will result in a much BETTER bread maker dough and well worth the expense.

Bread Maker Pizza Dough FAQ

Over the years our bread maker readers have asked more questions about making bread maker pizza dough and what ingredients you should use. Here are a few ingredient ideas:

  • Bread Machine Pizza Dough Garlic – If you wish to add garlic to your pizza dough, I recommend you use dried garlic. Add in a tablespoon of dried garlic with your other ingredients and the bread maker will naturally mix it with the other ingredients.
  • Bread Machine Pizza Dough Herbs – Just like with dried garlic you can do the same with other herbs. I like to use thyme, parsley, or oregano, depending on what pizza I am using the dough for.
  • Bread Machine Pizza Dough Active Dry Yeast – This is the yeast we recommend for making pizza dough. Buy those sachets of dried yeast and store them in your pantry ready for using with your bread maker.
  • Bread Machine Pizza Dough Olive Oil -We recommend using extra virgin olive oil when making bread in the bread maker. It gives a light Italian pizza dough and once you try pizza dough with olive oil there is no going back.
  • Bread Machine Pizza Dough Cheese – You can also add grated cheese to your pizza dough 5 minutes before it has finished mixing. This will give you a cheesy pizza crust and is delicious.
  • Bread Machine Pizza Dough With Powdered Milk – You can use powdered milk in your pizza dough but we have stopped doing this. We find that powdered milk can be rather expensive and using regular milk is just as good.

Making Pizza Dough In Bread Maker

Making pizza dough in a bread maker is EASY:

  1. Dump pizza dough ingredients into the bread maker.
  2. Press the dough setting.
  3. When it beeps roll out pizza dough on a clean floured worktop.

I know. You are waiting for the catch, but there isn’t one, pizza dough in the bread maker is this simple.

In the graphic you see above includes the step by step stages for when we made homemade garlic bread with pizza dough.

Bread Machine Pizza Dough For Two Pizzas

Our bread machine pizza dough recipe is done for making one large pizza or two individual deep pans.

The reason for that is that then you can double the ingredients for two pizzas or triple it for three pizzas.

We have found that everything remains the same you just double the ingredients making it easy to remember for however many pizzas you need to make.

Can You Freeze Bread Maker Pizza Dough?

Absolutely. Wrap your bread maker pizza dough in cling film and load into the freezer. Then get out your pizza dough as and when you need it. You could also make pizza dough in bulk to freeze for another time.

How To Store Bread Maker Pizza Dough?

You can store bread machine pizza dough in the fridge. Using cling film just like you would for freezing pizza dough, load it into the fridge instead.

Or what I like to do is roll out my pizza dough, load it with toppings and then leave it in the fridge ready for cooking later that day.

Bread Machine Pizza Dough Cycle Time

The bread machine pizza dough cycle time is JUST 23 minutes. Imagine it takes you 5 minutes to load your bread machine with pizza dough ingredients, then while its taking just 23 minutes to make pizza dough, you have the pizza toppings prepped.

Then compare this to ringing up for a pizza, driving 10 minutes to pick it up, then driving 10 minutes home.

What a time saver you have created with your bread machine.

Bread Maker Pizza Dough Recipes

I am sure that it is no surprise that here at Recipe This we have several recipes using bread maker pizza dough. Below you will find our favourites:

Bread Maker Pizza Dough
Bread Maker Pizza Dough
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Bread Maker Pizza Dough

Bread Maker Pizza Dough. How to make the best ever homemade pizza dough in the bread maker. An Italian style pizza dough using active dry yeast created and perfected by my chef husband Dominic. Perfect for dumping into your bread maker and then rolling out and load up with your favourite pizza toppings.
Prep Time23 minutes
Total Time23 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine: Bread Maker
Servings: 4
Calories: 365kcal


Bread Maker Pizza Dough Recipe Ingredients:


  • Place 200ml of water into the bottom of your bread maker as it will stop it sticking. Place all other ingredients into the bread maker apart from the yeast.
    Can The Bread Maker Make Pizza Dough?
  • Then sprinkle the yeast over the top of the ingredients.
    How To Make Bread In A Bread Maker?
  • When it is done, and it has beeped, place the pizza dough onto a clean worktop.
    Can The Bread Maker Make Pizza Dough?
  • Sprinkle it with flour, flour a rolling pin (so that it doesn’t stick) and roll out your bread maker pizza dough.
    Can The Bread Maker Make Pizza Dough?
  • Place in your pizza tin.
    Can The Bread Maker Make Pizza Dough?


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Our bread maker pizza dough recipe is for one pizza. To make 2 pizzas double the ingredients and for 3 pizzas triple it.


Calories: 365kcal | Carbohydrates: 53g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 1mg | Sodium: 301mg | Potassium: 94mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 13IU | Calcium: 24mg | Iron: 3mg
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