1. MY dough on my bread machine takes over an hour no where near 23 minutes. So does my neighbors. . Was it another setting maybe

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your comments!

      I can assure you the setting on our bread machine is correct. We have over 30 settings and to make the raw dough it takes 23 minutes from unmixed ingredients to finish. As you are aware bread machines come in all different shapes and sizes so all settings are different from one to another. We have to do our recipes based on the equipment we are using for authenticity reasons so our readers trust us and we are not just making the recipes up and pretending which kitchen gadgets we have and are using at home!

      Having used this bread dough mix and machine for 18 months for all of our recipes the dough our bread machine makes is of perfect consistency and works very well for the recipes we make with it!

      If you are unsure about anything please feel free to get in touch and i can take a look at which machine you have and see what differences there is between the 2 machines and then give you some suggestions. Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Hola no me salió la masa quedo súper liquida y la verdad yo si pensé que era mucho líquido el agua más la leche más el aceite, y yo le puse una taza de harina que es igual a lo que ustedes recomendaron 250 gramos,cuál sería el problema

    1. Hello Adell,

      Sorry the amount of flour on the recipe appears to be wrong. I have changed it to 500 g so now the recipe will work as it should, so sorry about that not sure what happened 🙂

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