1. 5 stars
    Thank you for these my turned out fantastically well. I hoped that i could do these as we eat loads over the Christmas period and they were good. Perfect timings and great instructions.

  2. 5 stars
    I am making these tonight for a party tomorrow I’m making quite alot prawn garlic mayo being my first choice I’ll be making a few extra of those ones to scoff along the cooking way
    Next ones I’m making are
    Seafood crab
    Tuna mayo
    Chicken tikka
    Cheese and spring onion
    Chicken and bacon
    All just sandwich type fillings can i fill them and leave in fridge till t time tomorrow or will they go soggy?
    Also any ideas to make them look nice on the platter I normally go as far as a sprinkle of paprika on the prawns or a chive on top lol
    Thanks in advance for reading my post

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Yes the sandwiches could go soggy if you are using bread, Bread buns cut in half would be better, but if using bread butter the bread and put back in fridge then just fill them tomorrow. With the decoration, some cress, chopped cucumber, tomatoes in half, that kind of thing, all easy to do 🙂

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