Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

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Butcher Box Review. Before you purchase grass fed beef, heritage breed pork or organic chicken from Butcher Box, I suggest you read my ultimate Butcher Box review and useful Butcher Box tips first.

Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

Butcher Box Review

As a kitchen gadget food blogger, it’s all about the easy, yet mostly healthy family meals. We don’t eat healthy 110% of the time but try to 90% of the time, as we want our kids to grow up without issues with food.

We have completed about 3 rounds of the Whole30 and we are big fans of the Paleo way of life, but there is always that lack of being able to find healthy meat, rather than the traditional processed meat that you find when you go grocery shopping.

I want to be able to get my hands on:

  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Heritage Breed Pork
  • Organic Chicken

That is why when I discovered Butcher Box, I was so excited to try it out (between myself and my readers) and see if Butcher Box was the answer. In this Butcher Box Review we will be sharing absolutely everything that we have liked, disliked, learnt about Butcher Box so that you can decide for yourself if Butcher Box is for YOU or not!

Butcher Box Meat Delivery Service

Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

Butcher Box in a nut shell is a meat delivery service, bringing organic and hard to acquire meat direct to your door. You simply place your order online with Butcher Box and they take the hassle out of sourcing and deliver it to you.

Unlike many other meat delivery services, Butcher Box is like the middle man that organises everything and brings everyone together. They work with a group of high quality family farms and distribute the best ever grass fed beef, heritage breed pork and organic chicken directly to your front door every month.

Think of it like visiting your family butchers, but instead having your Butchers on the internet with a massive selection of the healthiest ever meat. You could order your Butcher Box in your pyjamas at midnight and then forget about it until your Butcher Box delivery arrives. Making it perfect for busy working mums like myself!

Butcher Box Plans

Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

The way the Butcher Box system works is that you receive a monthly box of meat of your choosing. It is totally your choice of what box you choose and how frequently you have your meat delivered to you.

For example, you can choose Butcher Box monthly deliveries or every other month. There is also a great option of adding extra meat to your delivery, which is particularly good if you have favourite meat that you want to purchase from Butcher Box.

Right now, at Butcher Box the main packages are:

  • Butcher Box Mixed Box
  • Butcher Box Beef & Pork
  • Butcher Box Beef & Chicken
  • Butcher Box Just Beef
  • Custom Butcher Box

Apart from the custom box you have the surprise of not knowing exactly what meat you’re going to get. You can look on Butcher Box and see what people got the month before as an idea base, but the element of surprise will always be there. But you can add on extra meats so that you’re guaranteed your mince for your burgers, or your chicken for your Sunday dinner.

Or go with the custom box where you pay a little more, but you’re in complete control over what you get.

The great benefit of Butcher Box is that you can log into your account and change your preference at any time if you wish.

At Butcher Box you also have the opportunity of going with large and extra large with the option of up to 14 pounds of meat, compared to a max of 48 pounds of meat.

Butcher Box Quality

If you’re going to be buying meat from Butcher Box, then my first thought is always about how good the quality of the meat is going to be. Well this is the philosophy at Butcher Box.

I would go as far as to say, in my Butcher Box review that they bring you the best of the best and it is the best meat delivery service that I have discovered so far.

#1 Grass Fed Beef

Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

Let’s start with how Butcher Box look after their cows.  They spend their entire life on pasture and are never fed hormone rubbish that is unnatural to them and produces low quality beef. They are happy cows that live a happy life where quality of life over quantity of cows is most important to the farmers. Their diet is natural which shows in the end beef that you get to eat.

#2 Heritage Breed Pork

Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

Don’t you hate the culture of tail docking of your pigs? Well this doesn’t happen with Butcher Box pigs. The pigs are raised in open barns or out on the pasture, depending on the weather and the time of the year. They get the option to make friends with each other and enjoy life without being in unnatural conditions. This results in better quality pork on your dinner plate.

#3 Organic Chicken

Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

What gets me about the chicken is that you can look at it and you can see quality before you have even tried it at Butcher Box. This is because they are not treated like cattle instead, they have space to make friends, grow and get regular exercise. This results in a leaner chicken for you and your family to enjoy.

Butcher Box Prices

You’re probably wondering how much Butcher Box costs, well considering that you can purchase organic chicken, heritage breed pork or grass fed beef, you will be shocked when you see exactly how low the prices are at Butcher Box.

Butcher Box Mixed Box

Firstly, all the mixed boxes are the same price at Butcher Box. You pay $129 for the large box and $238 for the extra large box. For this price you could choose between a mixed box, beef & pork, beef & chicken or all beef.

Butcher Box Custom Box

Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

Alternatively, you can choose the custom box. The price for a Butcher Box custom box is either $149 for the large or $270 for the extra large.

RecipeThis.com Opinion: We recommend that if you are fussy over what meat you like and you don’t want the element of surprise then to go with the Butcher Box Custom Box. You can then choose exactly what you like and avoid anything you don’t like.

Or if you like anything and everything then go with the mixed box. One thing that puts me off is that I would rather have steak than pork chops, therefore the pork box is less appealing to me.

Butcher Box Reviews

Here at RecipeThis.com not just us, but our readers too, had the opportunity to test Butcher Box and give our honest opinion.

Firstly, there is something amazing about having high quality meat delivered direct to your door. I have made no secret in the past about how hard I find it to source certain food. Quality meat is one of those things. Also, where I live I can get plenty of chicken and pork, but beef is very hard to get.

I am a clearance food hoarder. I love going grocery shopping and not knowing what is going to be on clearance. Just last week I got Brazilian sausages, pork shoulders and some beef steak. Yet the week before that there was nothing and the week previous to that I left with 12 whole chickens.

Butcher Box is very similar to that with not knowing what you’re getting and the surprise it brings you. I love that I have meat delivered and then I can meal plan surrounding that meat.

Even though we love our meat, I find that Butcher Box under estimates the meals that the meat will feed. For example, on average the 5 of us will share a pound of mince if we are having a mince dish, or a 2 pound chicken if we are eating roast chicken. Yet I notice that the meat suggestions are recommending double that.

This is good for all us cheap family meal addicts as we can easily stretch the meat to last a month.

Having seen the amount of meat in the boxes, I believe for a family of 5, the extra large box for $238 is enough to keep a family in organic meat for the month.

The beef and the pork that we tried was spectacular, it was worth the price of Butcher Box just for those. I am one of those nightmare eaters that HATES chewy meat. If I have one chewy bite, then I won’t eat the rest. I just can’t cope with it!

I really enjoyed the chicken and you can totally tell the difference between organic chicken and cheap chicken. Once you have tried Butcher Box chickens you will not want to go back!

I hated it a few years ago when places started selling halal meat as I hated the way that the animals were killed, and it just seemed so cruel. The restaurant owners were not selling halal for religious reasons but because it was cheaper to buy. Buying meat from Butcher Box gives you the knowledge that the animals have been treated like royalty.

It also feels incredibly special to know the journey that your meat has taken. That it came from a local farm and not just a huge factory that has mass produced the meat and doesn’t care about it.

My biggest fear from Butcher Box (and my readers thought the same) was whether it would go bad, before it hits your chest freezer. What if it went missing after being left with a neighbour while you’re out at work, or that it would have defrosted by the time it got to you?

Well I was amazed to see how well it did in transit. It was packed in an insulated box with dry ice. When I opened my Butcher Box the dry ice had melted but everything was still frozen. So frozen that you would think you was moving your Butcher Box delivery from one freezer to another, not that it had been on a journey itself.

Here are 10 reasons why I would recommend you join Butcher Box:

  1. You get what you pay for. The meat is quality at Butcher Box and you will love the standard of meat that they deliver to you.
  2. You don’t have a sourcing issue. The best thing for me with Butcher Box is being able to get the meat I need and want. No more going to 3 supermarkets to source it or having to drive for an hour to a specialist butchers.
  3. Meat delivered direct to your door. Whether you’re out all day at work, or work from home like I do. Then Butcher Box will deliver the meat direct to your doorstep. Just place it in the freezer and eat the meat as you need it.
  4. Enjoy variety. I love the fact that you can enjoy a surprise with the mixed boxes or choose custom meats you haven’t eaten for years.
  5. Good sized cuts. I love the fact that the meat sizes are big enough to feed your family for a few meals. Use 1 pack of mince over 2-3 meals.
  6. Free Bonuses. I love the free bonuses that you can get with Butcher Box. Each month they rotate, the deal. In the past it has been free bacon, other times free mince and once I saw free salmon. It just depends when you become a customer.
  7. Excellent Customer Service. I have had an amazing customer service experience with Butcher Box, which to me shows how good a company is in the long term.
  8. Quality meat. If you are worried about the quality of the cuts of meat you’re currently eating, then worry no more with Butcher Box. They have the choice of grass fed beef, heritage pork and organic chicken.
  9. Diet friendly. If you follow the Whole30, Paleo or Keto, then you can be rest assured that Butcher Box meat is approved.
  10. You have flexibility. If you want to cancel after your first month, increase your order, downsize your order, change your order, then you can at the click of a button.
Butcher Box Review – My Ultimate Butcher Box Review

Butcher Box Review Video

We have put together a thorough video with our review of Butcher Box for you to check out. It covers everything you need to know before you decide whether Butcher Box is for you or not:

Buy Your Butcher Box Subscription Today!

I recommend that you give Butcher Box a go. Even just to try it out and see if it lives up to its reputation and if it is for you or not. Plus, you also get free bacon with your first order, I mean how cool is that?

If you use my link or click using any of the banners in this Butcher Box review, then you will not only get FREE BACON, but you’ll also get $15 off your first order.

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