1. Just seen this recipe and it looks so delicious and easy but I think that you may have your timings the wrong way round – “Cook for 8 hours on high or 4 hours on low.” Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

  2. Are the nutrition facts based on one serving or both? Fatsecret says there’s around 52 carbs in 3 Tbs of honey, even halved that would be higher than what’s listed. Just wondering how you arrived at 23g of carbs. Maybe a lot of sauce is left in the bottom uneaten?

    1. Hello S

      The nutrition info is calculated by a software so they are just a guide. We have not worked the nutrition out ourselves as we are not yet qualified nutritionists (but working on that) so we we use a software to calculate the information as best as it can 🙂

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