Instant Pot 20 Minute Jacket Potato

Welcome to my latest Instant Pot recipe and this recipe is for Instant Pot 20 minute jacket potatoes.

Welcome to my latest Instant Pot recipe and this recipe is for Instant Pot 20 minute jacket potatoes. With a delicious crispy skin and ready to be loaded with a topping of your choice this is perfect for lunches and dinners with your kids.

Like most people I absolutely love jacket potatoes or baked potatoes as some people call them. Its not just about the potato though is it? As for me what you put on top is just as important. My favourite topping of choice is bolognese followed by loads of grated cheese that melts on top. Then below the bolognese there always has to be a good portion of melted butter, because jacket potatoes without melted butter is just wrong.

Well that’s my idea of jacket potato heaven. Dominic would disagree and shout at me for forgetting the salt as he is always telling me that he loves my food but as I hand him his food he always grabs extra salt.

No wonder I always have such a low blood pressure then!

I remember having loads of jacket potatoes over the years (even though I never have many these days). There was the jacket potato van in the market that I would go to. They were huge and the toppings went on and on and on. They were actually so big that I could barely finish them.

The toppings were not healthy with lots of baked beans, coleslaw and cheese. But when I compared this to the fact that my Dad was around the corner buying fish and chips it looked Paleo in comparison.

But the only bad side to jacket potatoes in my world is how long they take to cook. Even if you boil them first they still seem to take an eternity to make and then everything else is ready before the potatoes and you just wish you had put that jacket potato into the oven sooner, but you were busy and forgot. So you either serve it up minus the potato, cook the potato in half to help the cooking process or give it a quick speed up in the air fryer.

Yet here you are with your Instant Pot (or your other branded pressure cooker) and you can suddenly have your jacket potato in 20 minutes.

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Instant Pot 20 Minute Jacket Potato
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Place 160ml of water into the bottom of your Instant Pot and you can measure it out with the cup provided.
  2. Prick your potatoes with a fork, season the skin with lots of salt and pepper. Then place them both together on the steamer rack.
  3. Place the lid on your Instant Pot and set the valve to sealing and press steam for 20 minutes.
  4. Once it has started it will beep and it will beep 6 times when done. Once it has cooled down from keep warm mode you can get it out.
  5. Serve.
Please keep it warm for 10 minutes for the jacket potatoes to be fully soft and so that they are not hard.

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Instant Pot Recipes – The Outtakes

Sam: Lets make a jacket potato in the Instant Pot

Dom: Why?

Sam: Because they’ll be super quick and will be quicker than making fries in the air fryer

Dom: Are you sure they will be that quick?

Sam: Of course its an Instant Pot

Dom: Okay I will put them on next

Well they ended up taking 20 minutes, fries are 25 minutes and they normally take us 40 minutes so we did half the time!

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