How To Cook A Whole Chicken In Your Instant Pot

Welcome to how to cook a whole chicken in your Instant Pot.

Welcome to how to cook a whole chicken in your Instant Pot. If you would like to learn how to make a succulent whole chicken in your Instant Pot in 40 minutes then you’ve come to the right food blog!

When I started my month long beginners recipes to use your Instant Pot I always imagined placing the whole chicken among the recipes. This is because a whole chicken is one of the easiest things you could ever make. This can apply whether you cook it in the oven, the Instant Pot or even a slow cooker.

So here we are on the 29th of the first month in the Instant Pot showcasing how to cook a whole chicken. We had our first one in the Instant Pot in late December when it was a cold day, we had loads to do and didn’t have time to cook and made this delicious Instant Pot chicken.

We originally cooked it for 45 minutes and it was so dry and horrible. Thankfully I had some sauce to go with it to take the dryness away from the meal. But it made me realise that the 45 minutes suggested online to cook an Instant Pot chicken is way too long. But you live and learn and I reckon the issue was that we all have different sizes of our chickens and we don’t all have a size that fits all.

So we tried again, cooked it for less time and it was the most delicious chicken ever. I mean until you try cooking a chicken in the Instant Pot you wont see what the addiction is to it.

The chicken comes out of the Instant Pot so soft and then breaks away in that delicious way that pulled chicken does. It is just like the ones that we have in our pulled Hawaiian chicken recipe. So if you have not got time for dinner then I recommend that you have this instead. You can have it on within a couple of minutes then the Instant Pot can do the work while you go for a soak in the bath or help your kids with their homework.

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How To Cook A Whole Chicken In Your Instant Pot
Serves: 4
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • Instant Pot Duo
  • 1 Whole Chicken
  • 3Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1Tbsp Sage
  • 1Tbsp Thyme
  • Salt & Pepper
  1. Place 200ml of water into the bottom of your Instant pot and add your steaming shelf.
  2. On a chopping board place your whole chicken. Massage olive oil into the skin and rub your seasoning into the skin.
  3. Place it onto the steam shelf, place the lid on your Instant Pot, set the valve to sealing and cook for 40 minutes on the steam function.
  4. Allow to rest for 15 minutes on the keep warm setting before releasing the valve and serving.
Our chicken was 2 kilos (4.5 pounds) and many consider this to be a tiny chicken. So please if you have a bigger chicken add a little extra time so that it is cooked and check to see if it is cooked before you serve it.

We also found that we got the same results from a 40 minute steam and a 15 minute rest as we did from a 50 minutes and no rest. So play about with it depending on how quick a rush you are for your chicken.

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Instant Pot Recipes – The Outtakes

Dom: Here is the chicken its rather horrible

Sam: What you burnt the chicken?

Dom: No just cooked it for too long

Sam: Why?????

Dom: Because my dear the recipes online don’t say the size of the chicken and theirs is obviously bigger than mine!

Sam: Just add mayo then as that is the answer to everything!

Well, that sounds like an excuse for another go!

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