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Instant Pot Roast Duck. How to cook a whole roast duck using the instant pot pressure cooker. A super simple instant pot Sunday roast recipe that is full of flavour and will become a must make instant pot recipe.

This instant pot whole duck recipe includes a fantastic stock that can be made into a duck gravy and you will love how crispy the duck skin is and how flavoursome instant pot duck can be, if cooked right.  

instant pot roast duck at
Instant Pot Roast Duck
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Instant Pot Duck

I have travelled a lot in continental Europe. I have visited countries like Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg and have been lucky to spend 12 years living in Portugal.

One food that is often served and enjoyed throughout Europe is roast duck.

I have found memories of having it sat outside in cafes in France, Spain and Portugal and it always made me wish that I ate roast duck more often.

Whenever I mention this to Dominic, I always get the same reply every single time.

You don’t get much meat on a duck and chicken is cheaper.

Which of course is true.

But roast duck is a fantastic treat and once you try instant pot roast duck you will be amazed by how good it is.


Can You Cook A Whole Duck In The Instant Pot?

Yes, you can. Just like a roast chicken, roast duck is fantastic in the instant pot, or any other brand of electric pressure cooker.

You can also make a duck gravy or do potatoes at the same time if that is your thing.

But choose the size of your duck wisely, because some whole ducks we have purchased have been too big for the instant pot. And when you see the pictures below of today’s recipe you will see how big ours is and how it only just fits.

What To Expect With Instant Pot Whole Duck?

When you cook whole duck in the instant pot, it is done a little different compared to cooking a whole duck in the oven or our air fryer roast duck.

I like that I can have the stock below the duck, and this can become a rich creamy gravy just like you would have served in France.

Best of all, it is the most tender duck you will ever try thanks to the way the instant pot pressure cooks your meat.

Then it will look incredibly anaemic once it is cooked. Check out our sad looking pale duck that we had just cooked:

instant pot whole duck just cooked

But once you try it you will be amazed by how good it is and how well it comes together.

Then of course, if you want your crispy duck, you can simply use an air fryer lid or transfer it to the air fryer.

We chose to move our roast duck to the air fryer that way we could get an even coat on our duck and after air frying it looked like this:

air fryer roast duck

As you can see after a quick blast in the air fryer it was like a regular roast duck with crispy skin, yet more tender thanks to the instant pot.

Instant Pot Duck Stock

The way I do my stock and gravy is the same regardless of roast chicken, roast duck, roast beef, or roast pork.

I load vegetables into the bottom of the instant pot inner pot, add liquid and this cooks below the meat.

You can then add a trivet like you see here:

instant pot duck gravy example

Then the roast duck sits on the trivet like this:

roast duck in the instant pot

And then when you are done you can blend the veggies and you have a thick creamy gravy. Even better some of the duck always falls from the wings and this will add to an even better flavoursome gravy.

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How To Cook Duck In An Instant Pot?

instant pot roast duck step by step

This is how simple it is to cook roast duck in the instant pot:

  1. Prep vegetables and sauté in the instant pot.
  2. Deglaze and add stock.
  3. Add trivet.
  4. Add whole duck.
  5. Pressure cook.
  6. Air fry for crispy skin.
  7. Serve.

You can probably see now why I am so obsessed with cooking dinner in the instant pot.

How Long To Cook Duck A Pressure Cooker?

You will love how quick it is to make this instant pot duck recipe. In fact, it took just 35 minutes of cooking under pressure for us to produce a perfectly cooked, tender roast duck.

Our instant pot duck weighed in at 2.5 kilos which is 5.5lbs and the general rule is that you do 6 minutes for each pound.

Therefore, if you have a 6 pound duck then you would cook it for 36 minutes, or a 5 pound duck for 30 minutes.

Because ours was in between we went with 35 minutes.

Also note, if cooking a whole chicken the same 6 minute rule would also apply.

More Instant Pot Sunday Roast Ideas

I love to cook my Sunday dinners in the instant pot and here are a few other ideas:

Instant Pot Roast Duck

Instant Pot Roast Duck. How to cook a whole roast duck using the instant pot pressure cooker. A super simple instant pot Sunday roast recipe that is full of flavour and will become a must make instant pot recipe.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 4
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Kitchen Gadgets:

Instant Pot Duck Ingredients:


  • Clean and slice your celery, peel, and dice your onion and carrots. Then load them into the instant pot with your extra virgin olive oil. Put the instant pot on sauté, and sauté until the onions have started to soften.
  • Deglaze your instant pot with white wine and the stock. Add in garlic as well as seasonings and give it a stir.
  • Cancel the sauté and add in the trivet.
  • Place the whole duck onto the trivet and season with salt and pepper.
  • Place the lid on the instant pot pressure cooker and pressure cook for 35 minutes followed by a 10 minute natural pressure release.
  • Air fry for 10 minutes at 200c/400f before serving.


Air Frying. The duck is not crispy after pressure cooking. If you would like delicious roast duck crispy skin, then I recommend 10 minutes in the air fryer. I have tried this roast duck with an air fryer lid, but the results were not as good.
Gravy. If you would like it more like a gravy, you can blend the stock and it will make a creamy vegetable gravy.
Thanks for reading our instant pot roast duck recipe on Recipe This. We have many more instant pot recipes for you to check out next. Though if you love easy one pot meals, then I recommend you try our Instant Pot frozen pot roast next.


Calories: 2631kcal | Carbohydrates: 11g | Protein: 74g | Fat: 249g | Saturated Fat: 83g | Cholesterol: 477mg | Sodium: 534mg | Potassium: 1645mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 8809IU | Vitamin C: 24mg | Calcium: 108mg | Iron: 16mg
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instant pot roast duck recipe

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  1. I’m planning on duck for our NYEve dinner. I’ve always “pricked the skin” but I don’t see instructions to do this with the IP. Will the fat dribble down too much into the veggies?

    1. Hi Barbara,

      No we did not prick the skin, the fat will drip down anyway and we thought it added flavour to the veggies 🙂