1. Would have made some of the soup recipes, but were in ml and gram measure, not US. To complicated to convert. NJL

    1. Hi Norman

      On the latest soups we have done there is a button under the ingredients to change from metric to imperial. But on the older soups we have not got around to updating them at the moment but we will let you know when we do 🙂

  2. Hi, this looks great and thanks for using metric measurements as well.
    I am new to Instant Pot cooking.
    After cooking the chicken, do you use the Saute setting to make the creamy sauce or just the heat in the pot from cooking the chicken?
    Many thanks, Karen.

    1. You are welcome Karen.

      We are British born and Recipe This started on metric and we added imperial in 2018 when our US audience grew and requested it.

      Good luck with the instant pot.

      I use the heat from the chicken. But if the heat is not doing a good enough job then you are welcome to turn on the saute for a minute or two.

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