How Many Calories Can You Save With An Airfryer?

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how many calories can you save with an airfryer

Welcome to my latest post and let’s talk about how many calories you can save with your Airfryer.

Firstly let’s be honest for a moment. We didn’t all swap our chip fryer for an air fryer because of the smell did we?

The fact that with it smelling less than what a chip pan smells is just an after thought!

What we really care about is the fact that we can have all kinds of naughty foods for a lot less calories and fat simply because they are cooked in the air fryer.

The first time we used it we put way too much olive oil in it just because we couldn’t possibly believe that you could have soft gentle chips with just a tablespoon of olive oil.

So it was a lot of trial and error before we got our chips right (you can read about our perfect chips here) and then we progressed into other foods.

But when you work it out on a calorie counter you would be shocked at just how many calories you can actually end up saving.

Example #1 – Jacket Potato Vs Chips

When you make chips in the air fryer it is very similar to having a jacket potato. With a jacket potato you would keep the skin (so it would be slightly more nutritious) and then you would use a little butter.

Compare this to a portion of chips, you would have slightly less weight as you wouldn’t use the skin and you would use olive oil which is better for your body than butter.

A jacket potato with a tablespoon of butter works out at 385 calories where as a portion of chips (of the same size) with a tablespoon of olive oil works out at 402 calories.

And then you have to ask yourself whether you would rather have the jacket potato or the chips!!!!!

Example #2 – Air Fryer Chips Vs McDonalds

If you took the same chips portion above then you would be looking at 402 calories for a large portion.

But how would that compare against McDonalds and their French Fries? Well the same portion at Maccy D’s would set you back 1191 calories.

Or if you compare the calories in 100g of McDonalds fries (which are 323 calories) to air fryer chips of the same size you would be looking at 136 calories.

So if you are generally having one portion of chips per day either at home or at restaurants then think that you could easily be reducing your calories by 10,000 per year. But this is based on just 100g of potato.

If you’re really having a large potato each time then realistically you’re chopping 41,000 calories per year.

Then you could apply that same rule to a lot of other foods that you can now make a healthy version of in the air fryer.

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