1. I think you forgot to list the amount of cream in this recipe. 3T listed in the After Cooking note is not enough. 1 C cream? any chicken broth?

    1. Hi J,

      There is only a small amount of cream needed in this recipe. If you read through the recipe instructions you will see that we blend 20% of the slow cooker vegetables. This means that the sauce is essentially made up of carrots, sweet potato and the original cream. It keeps the dish lower in calories and carrots and sweet potatoes create a creamy delicious sauce.

      No chicken broth is required as the chicken carries fat and with the wine and cream this is all that you need.

      Many slow cooker recipes don’t need chicken broth adding to them.

      kind regards


      1. In step 4 you say add the white wine, cream and seasonings but you have not said how much cream you add at this stage.

        Your ingredients list for the main recipe ingredients does not show any cream.

        How much do you add at this point?

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