1. This looks absolutely delicious. I can’t join you on the whole 30 but I can make this recipe. Thank-you for sharing!

    1. Hi Sandra

      Hope you like the recipe and it is great even if you are not on the Whole30.


      Sam & Dom

  2. How long do you cook in the Dutch oven & what temp? Presume you mean on the stove top for a couple hours or is it in the oven?
    Sounds fab!

    1. Hi Whitney,

      We used a crcokpot/slow cooker not a dutch oven but if you were using a dutch oven i would heat it up on the stove then cook for an hour in the oven 🙂

    2. What size of canned tomatoes and what type of canned tomatoes, i.e. crushed, diced etc. do I use for this recipe?

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