1. Greetings, Don & Sam, from Down Under, I convinced my hubby to buy an air fryer oven & we bought one in k-mart. It has changed the way I cook. I used to fry a lot, but not anymore, the air fryer oven has been a wonderful addition to my kitchen. You mention the microwave, what microwave, hubby wrapped ours up & has put in the shed to go out with our next council clean up (it’s 34 years old & it’s now officially retired). Anything that needs heating up is done in the fryer oven. I really do love my air fryer oven.

    Kindest regards

  2. We have a very similar , large airfryer oven . When we placed the chicken (2.7kg) , trussed well on the rotisserie rod into the oven and switched it on , is sounded like it was straining . We got nervous and removed the bird and not used it since . I have been using the Philips XXXL for years with no problems , but love rotisserie chicken . Seems like l have made an expensive mistake …any tips ? Thanks ????????????

    1. Hi Sally,

      Yes sometimes it can seem like it is straining, the best thing to do is open the door put the chicken in and then just press the rotating button if you have one and see if it rotates all the way round. If it does then the bird will only get lighter the more it cooks so if it is rotating when heavy then your air fryer oven should be able to manage the bird 🙂 Somewhere in the instructions it might say the max weight the rotisserie can handle i think ours is 3kg but getting a bird that size in would be a problem so the 2.7 kg you used seems to be the max!

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