How To Buy An Air Fryer On Ebay

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How To Buy An Air Fryer On Ebay. Introducing you to the ultimate guide to buying an air fryer on ebay. Let me teach you my top tricks for getting a cheap air fryer on ebay without compromising on quality.

How To Buy An Air Fryer On Ebay For Under $10
How To Buy An Air Fryer On Ebay For Under $10

Air Fryer On Ebay?

Yes really! Today I am going to show you how to get your favourite air fryer on Ebay for the price that you would pay for a cheap one at Aldi.

I have long been a fan of Ebay. Ebay was the first website I liked when I first got excited over the internet and Ebay was where I started my online career. Though selling my old videos back in early 2005, compared to sharing with you what Ebay is like in 2019 for buying an air fryer is rather different.

You see back then Ebay was the new thing. We didn’t have social media to get excited about as it was still taking off and Ebay was offering you a cheap way to buy and sell products. Amazon was around but I didn’t know anyone that liked it. Then Amazon came along and a lot of people stopped focusing on how great Ebay is for getting a bargain.

Well today, I want to show you that you don’t need Amazon deal days to snag a cheap air fryer and that Ebay is a fantastic Plan B.

Getting A Cheap Air Fryer On Ebay

How To Buy An Air Fryer On Ebay For Under $10 guide

I had a bit of fun, after all Ebay can be addictive like Facebook and you can end up browsing all day. I had a good look around just to see if you could get a cheap air fryer on Ebay.

Firstly, you will find all the common brands that you know of in the air fryer cooking world.

You will see:

  • Philips
  • Tower
  • Power
  • Nuwave
  • Gowise
  • And many, many more

But many of the standard listings are run by the brands themselves as an alternative outlet to Amazon to sell their brand new air fryers and I find some of the listings are a similar price or more expensive than Amazon.

In this case the best thing to do is to make sure you’re viewing the live auctions and not just the business led buy it now deals.

In fact, when I used to shop on Ebay before, it was the excessive amount of buy it now business listings that put me off, but Ebay have now made it easier to find the good stuff thanks to better filtering.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is click on the auctions tab:

air fryer on ebay - auction

And then after this you can set up your filters. For example, if you live in the US you would want to set it for listings in the US and that are located in the US. This stops any problems with customs.

You may think this is set as a standard filter because lets say you live in the US and are using but I find there are a lot of listings from countries like China and Eastern Europe that don’t tell you until afterwards that the item is not in your country.

When I lived in England I remember buying a replacement part for my hoover on Ebay UK only to find out that it was being shipped from China.

For this Air Fryer Ebay Tutorial I was will be using and US located air fryers only, then if you live in another country, you can simply use your local Ebay.

Based on the filter I have just set for buying a cheap air fryer on I get 249 results.

In my opinion this is AMAZING and shows that there are bargains to be had. That the Ebay air fryer that will be yours could be sat in someone else’s kitchen right now and you could get an air fryer for an unbelievable price.

The TRUTH About An Air Fryer From Ebay

But first before you choose an air fryer from Ebay, it is time for a moment of truth. Something that not many people will tell you about air fryers and also the reason why Ebay is truly perfect for buying an air fryer.

That is that a lot of people are scared of Air Fryers and haven’t figured out how to use them, or cook with them once, and decide that air frying is not for them. They literally use it once, decide their fries are awful and sell it on Ebay.

The reason we find this happens, is that there is a lot of low-quality air fryer blogs out there, that give out terrible cooking advice. It puts people off using the air fryer and then they end up on Ebay.

This is PERFECT for YOU because it means you can get a great air fryer from Ebay without a high price tag.

Choosing An Air Fryer From Ebay

When you look for an air fryer from Ebay you’re always going to find air fryers that are overpriced and air fryers that are old and rusty.

The secret is to find the in between air fryer on Ebay and getting the right one for you.

When I browse for an air fryer on Ebay I always think of the following:

  • Does the Ebay seller have a good reputation?
  • Is it a brand that you like?
  • Is the air fryer the right size and shape for you?
  • Do you want brand new or are you happy with used?
  • What is your budget for your air fryer?

After you have made this decision it is time to browse the auctions and find the perfect air fryer from Ebay for YOU!

Obviously, we’re going to be searching Ebay at different times, therefore what I see now to what you see will be different. But what I can offer you is a few Air Fryer Ebay Tips and then you can see what is available when you look for your air fryer.

Another option is to think about the time of the year when you’re buying your Air Fryer. After Christmas would be the best time. That is because there will be 100’s and 100’s of people selling the unwanted air fryers that they received as a Christmas gift.

But there will not be 100’s and 100’s of people buying them. This will result in you paying 20% less than these prices I have found in this tutorial so think about that.

Air Fryer From Ebay Real Life Examples

I wanted to have a browse on Ebay myself and show you what air fryers are currently available on Ebay to give you some examples. Then you can have a look on Ebay yourself and get yourself your own air fryer this week!

Gowise USA Used Air Fryer – $9.80

air fryer on ebay - gowise air fryer for 9.80

Yes really an air fryer for less than $10. On further inspection I noticed this was from the Baliffs and they had a lot of other great quality electrical goods for sale. But if you are on a budget this really can’t be beaten for price and a quality brand.

Philips Air Fryer – $9.99

air fryer on ebay - new philips air fryer

I also noticed a fantastic Philips Air Fryers for JUST $9.99. This is a smaller and older version of the Philips Air Fryer, but it is still better than the Air Fryer that we started out with. I would recommend Philips to any new Air Fryer owner.

Philips Air Fryer – $19.50

air fryer on ebay - Philips air fryer

This is the EXACT same air fryer that we started out with when the air fryer first came out. If you didn’t already know this Philips was the first and since then so many brands have jumped on board with their air fryer version. I love this simple Philips Airfryer and it’s a great starting point.

Plus, for the price to include delivery that is AMAZING.

Bella Air Fryer – $21.70

air fryer on ebay - bella air fryer

This air fryer is brand new and in its box. It is local pick up, but this can save you a small fortune on shipping costs and it gives you the chance to see if what you’re buying is legit or not. Also, this person listing doesn’t have lots of feedback, so you need to double check the item is okay or not.

Dash Air Fryer – $20.00

air fryer on ebay - dash air fryer

This Dash Air Fryer is brand new but without its box or manual. For a brand new quality air fryer for $20 you really can’t go wrong.

Unbranded Air Fryer $22.50

air fryer on ebay - bella air fryer

I also noticed there are plenty of brand new air fryers, never used and in their box around the $20 to $25 price tag. These are like the ones you buy from the supermarket that is not associated with a big brand but still worth having. It’s a great option if you don’t want to buy a used air fryer and want a brand new one for a bargain.

Air Fryer Accessories On Ebay

Even though you can get an amazing deal for an air fryer on Ebay, it is also an excellent place for grabbing yourself some Air Fryer Accessories too. If you have read our Air Fryer Accessories post, some of the prices might be too much for you, but Ebay can be an excellent Plan B.

Here are just a few of the Air Fryer Accessories that I found on Ebay:

  • Chefman replacement basket = $10.00
  • Philips Air Fryer Grill = $11.00
  • Philips Air Fryer Baking Pan = $9.00

How To Buy Your Air Fryer On Ebay?

There you have it. That is how to get yourself a bargain and get a new air fryer or used one, for less than $25 on Ebay. I recommend you click here and use our filter, that way it will be all set up for you and you can check out the air fryer bargains.

By getting an air fryer from Ebay you can get an air fryer for a fraction of the cost. For what we have paid for our air fryers we noticed that these prices are 90% less.

In our Air Fryer Ebay Examples we checked out both the current listings (at the time of writing this post and creating the video) and what had recently sold to get you the best accurate comparison.

Click here to get your Air Fryer On Ebay right now!

How To Buy An Air Fryer On Ebay Video

We have also created a how to video showing you how to grab a great bargain on Ebay. Using real life examples of sold air fryers on Ebay as well as live listings.

Can’t buy it now? Then pin it for later!

How To Buy An Air Fryer On Ebay for under 10 dollars

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