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Air Fryer Frozen Tater Tots. How to cook your favourite frozen tater tots in the air fryer. If you would like perfectly cooked tater tots with a crispy coating, then this is how it is done.

Air Fryer Tater Tots
Air Fryer Tater Tots
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Air Fryer Tater Tots

Think about it for a moment. Cooking potatoes in the air fryer is one of the best things that you can do with your air fryer.

I am so obsessed with air fryer potatoes I have a round up of all our air fryer potato recipes in one place for my readers to refer back to.

I doubt I will be stopping there and I am sure more and more potato recipes will be added this year and beyond.

Potatoes work so well in the air fryer because you can have potatoes that are super crispy without having the high calories that deep frying would normally force on your diet.

My all time favourite is air fryer baby potatoes and if you just look at how crispy they are, you will understand why I want to eat these every day.

The air fryer can cook potatoes such as air fryer tater tots with little or no oil at all. Making your potato treats in the air fryer very low in calories.

Air fryer tater tots are also perfect for a side dish as well as made into a tater tots’ casserole in the air fryer. The choice is yours how you have them.

I am going to show you today the basics behind cooking air fryer tater tots and then you can decide how you plan to eat them.

Can You Air Fry Tater Tots?

Though, lets start at the beginning and answer the main question. YES you can cook tater tots in the air fryer.

Your tater tots will be crispy. They will be quick to cook from frozen and you will want to binge on them!

Tater Tots Vs Potato Croquettes

There is often a big debate over tater tots and potato croquettes and what is the difference between them.

Well to set the record straight, potato croquettes are made from leftover mashed potatoes. Whilst tater tots are made from leftover grated potatoes.

Because they are of a similar size and shape, have a crispy coating, many people believe them to be the same thing.

If you would like to compare, I recommend checking out our air fryer potato croquettes recipe and to try both in the air fryer.

Best Air Fryer For Tater Tots

Nowadays there are so many brands of air fryers. When I got my first air fryer many, many years ago there was just 2 brands and now there are several.

Back then it was the Philips Air Fryer that we bought and that is what we are using today for making our air fryer tater tots.

But many other good quality air fryer brands work too with your tater tots such as:

I would avoid an air fryer oven as tater tots in the air fryer cook the best in an air fryer basket.

Frozen Tater Tots In Air Fryer

I don’t know about you, but I recommend frozen tater tots in the air fryer as they cook the best. Cooked from frozen tater tots hold their shape, have a crispy coating and are so fast to make for a quick dinner.

If you are a healthy air fryer user, I highly recommend making your own tater tots and then freezing them in batches and cooking them from frozen in the air fryer. Perfect if you have some leftover potatoes that need using up.

Air Fryer Tater Tots Calories

There are 16 calories in every frozen tater tot that you eat. That is because unlike eating tater tots in the deep fat fryer, there are no additional calories for cooking them in the air fryer.

Can You Reheat Tater Tots In The Air Fryer?

Absolutely! I highly recommend reheating your tater tots in the air fryer. They only need 5 minutes at a temperature of 160c/320f to reheat.

It also makes a great use of leftovers especially if you are making a tater tots casserole and had some leftover.

Air Fryer Tater Tots Time

The air fryer tater tots cooking time is JUST 8 minutes. There is no need for an air fryer preheat because tater tots cook so fast in the air fryer. This time is based on frozen tater tots too and great for a dinner in a hurry.

Air Fryer Tater Tots Temperature

The recommended temperature for air fryer tater tots is a medium heat of 180c/360f.

This will allow your tater tots to be nice and crispy without being overcooked. If you cook them on a higher temperature the centre will become dry.

air fryer frozen food is featured

How To Air Fry Tater Tots?

Air Fryer Frozen Tater Tots step by step

Cooking frozen tater tots in the air fryer is so simple:

  1. Remove the frozen tater tots from the packaging and place in your air fryer basket.
  2. Cook for 8 minutes on a medium temperature of 180c/360f until they are thoroughly cooked.
  3. Serve with your other favourite frozen foods!
Air Fryer Frozen Tater Tots

More Air Fryer Frozen Food

Here at Recipe This we love sharing with our readers lots of frozen food that they can cook from frozen in their air fryer.

The possibilities are endless and often frozen food tastes better in an air fryer, then in the oven or in the deep fat fryer.

Here are a few of our other air fryer frozen potato favourites for you to try next:

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Air Fryer Frozen Tater Tots

Air Fryer Frozen Tater Tots. How to cook your favourite frozen tater tots in the air fryer. If you would like perfectly cooked tater tots with a crispy coating, then this is how it is done.
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes
Servings: 2
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Kitchen Gadgets:

Air Fryer Tater Tots Ingredients:

  • 190 g Bag Frozen Tater Tots


  • Remove your frozen tater tots from the packaging and place in the air fryer. Make sure they are not overcrowded and there is room for them to cook.
  • Set the temperature to 180c/360f and the time for 8 minutes.
  • Serve while hot and crispy.


If you have frozen potato croquettes you can follow this recipe instead.
If you are using homemade tater tots that have been frozen I recommend spraying the tops of your tater tots with some extra virgin olive oil.


Serving: 100g | Calories: 225kcal | Fat: 9.7g | Saturated Fat: 0.8g | Sugar: 1.1g
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Air Fryer Frozen Tater Tots recipe

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  1. 5 stars
    I’m cooking one Chicken patty and about dozen tater tots. I can cook at the same time, right? And do I adjust time because I have a small amount? Do I preheat the GoWise air fryer for the chicken patty and tots? Or put in cold? Does it matter?

    1. Hi Karen,

      Yes you can cook at the same time, no pre heat is required for any frozen recipes, if we use a pre heat we always put it in the recipe. Just keep checking on them every few minutes, because sometimes they can cook quicker with less in the air fryer 🙂

  2. 4 stars
    My kids love tater tots and who new they are so easy to do in the air fryer, no mess and so quick a win win for me and the kids 🙂 Thanks