Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings

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Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings. How to air fry breaded chicken wings to make the most delicious crispy air fryer chicken wings. Loaded with a tasty crispy coating and a perfect air fryer beginner recipe.

This air fryer breaded chicken wings recipe features fresh chicken wings, garlic and herb breadcrumbs as well as lots of parmesan. It also shows you how to adapt our air fryer breaded wings recipe to make air fryer hot wings. 100% homemade and so easy to prep and cook in your air fryer.

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings
Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings

My love for breaded chicken wings always has something to do with KFC and their delicious hot wings. In fact, I am such a fan of KFC that we have numerous of their chicken recipes transformed for the air fryer.

The most recent was their hot wings, where we showed people how to cook air fryer frozen hot wings. You can buy your hot wings from KFC, throw the leftovers in the freezer and then use the air fryer to reheat them from frozen.

But it got me thinking….

My nearest KFC is a 20-minute drive away and before I know it, I have spent $40 in KFC. That would be a mix of chicken pieces, hot wings, burgers and of course potato wedges.  

What about making your own air fryer breaded chicken wings instead that are even better than the hot wings that you buy from KFC?

It would be a lot cheaper; you know exactly what ingredients go into them and it is perfect for game day, suppers or just a chicken air fryer splurge!

Or even better, you can adapt them for your diet and make them paleo, keto or whole30 friendly if you wanted to.

If you love KFC hot wings or are looking for understanding the basics of breaded chicken wings in the air fryer, then welcome to my air fryer breaded chicken recipe and tutorial!

Can You Fry Breaded Chicken Wings In An Air Fryer?

I am sure you want to know first if you can fry breaded chicken wings in an air fryer? Well let me tell you that they are perfect for it.

No matter what size of air fryer you have, they do a splendid job and don’t create much mess in your air fryer either.

Why Cook Breaded Chicken Wings In The Air Fryer?

Think of how much you love the taste of breaded chicken wings in a deep fat fryer, especially those purchased from KFC. It is that wonderful crispy crunch and moist chicken inside.

Well the air fryer does the exact same thing. BUT with a lot less calories, yet the same amazing flavour and texture.

You can cook as many or as few breaded chicken wings in the air fryer and all you need to think about it is what to serve your air fryer breaded chicken wings with.

What Ingredients & Gadgets Go Into Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings?

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings Ingredients

There are 5 main ingredients that go into air fryer breaded chicken wings:

As well as this we used the air fryer oven to cook our air fryer breaded chicken wings as it can cook more of them at once.

Though you can also cook them in the Philips Air Fryer XL or any other air fryer, it just means if your air fryer is smaller you can’t cook as many breaded wings at once.

It is all about the flavour. We seasoned the chicken wings, the oat flour, the eggs and the breadcrumbs.

That way you will have a delicious taste with each bite of chicken wings you eat.

You can mix and match. Want a hot sauce instead of ranch dressing? Want barbecue sauce instead of mayonnaise? Then you choose. Though we often prefer a ranch dressing with our air fryer breaded wings.

Use Bobs Red Mill Oat Flour. For me this makes a huge difference in keeping the chicken wings light and without them going dry and making sure the chicken stays moist.

It is also a much healthier choice than standard flour. You can buy it here on Amazon or get it at a HUGE discount as part of a Thrive Market yearly subscription.

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings Tips:

  • Set up your bowls – I start by organising my bowls. One bowl with the oat flour, another with the egg and a third with the breadcrumbs. I will season them and mix and then it is easy for just coating each chicken wing as I go.
  • Perfect for the freezer – You can batch cook your breaded chicken wings or save the leftovers for another day. Then use our air fryer frozen hot wings as your guide for reheating later.
  • Don’t crowd your chicken wings – Your chicken wings need enough room to breathe and don’t want to be on top of each other as you don’t want the coating to stick the wings together. If you lack room do more than one batch.
  • Air fryer trays are perfect for serving – the shelves inside of the air fryer oven come out and are like cooling racks and are perfect for serving your chicken wings at the table on. It saves on washing up and they look so good as a central platter.

Pair our air fryer breaded chicken wings with air fryer fries, air fryer onion rings, air fryer potato wedges or air fryer breaded shrimp for the ultimate appetizer feast.

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings Cook Time

The cooking time for our air fryer crispy breaded chicken wings was 40 minutes. Though you’re probably thinking that is a long time.

Well our chicken wings were large, and we were cooking a good batch of them in our air fryer oven. If you are using smaller chicken wings, then you will need to adjust your cooking time.

Are Air Fryer Chicken Wings Good For You?

To make the air fryer chicken wings healthy, then simply swap the main breadcrumbs for a healthier option.

This might be a healthy paleo bread that you can make into breadcrumbs or to make our air fryer chicken wings keto, you can add air fryer pork rinds instead.

Or if you want the ultimate healthy version of air fryer chicken wings, then I have many air fryer chicken wings that don’t have any breading.

Such as Air Fryer Chinese Chicken Wings, Nandos Air Fryer Chicken Wings, or go even spicier with Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Air Fryer Panko Chicken Wings?

If you prefer a panko breaded chicken wings recipe, then I recommend you swap our flavoured breadcrumbs with our favourite panko breading instead.

Its easy to mix and match and a great use of your panko pantry leftovers.

You can also add extra seasoning to your panko to make them even more flavoursome.

How Many Wings Can You Cook In An Air Fryer?

The number of wings that you can cook in the air fryer will depend on the size of your air fryer.

We used this air fryer oven when we were doing the testing of our air fryer breaded chicken wings. We could have cooked 40 at once if we had wanted to.

But if we were cooking the same breaded wings in our Philips Air Fryer XL we would have done about 6 at once.

It comes down to the size of your air fryer.

Can I Stack Wings In The Air Fryer?

I am sure your next question will be if you can stack wings in the air fryer? Well the answer is NO because your air fryer wings will stick together and not cook properly.

Then the delicious crispy breadcrumb coating will fall off and you won’t get the best result.

You can of course cook your air fryer chicken wings in batches instead until they are all cooked.

How To Air Fry Breaded Chicken Wings?

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings step by step

Cooking breaded chicken wings in the air fryer is so simple:

  • Load the bowls – Create an egg bowl, a breadcrumbs bowl and a flour bowl. Then add your seasonings to each bowl and mix well. You can also mix and match these seasonings depending on how you want your breaded chicken wings to taste.
  • Smoother the wings – add the chicken wings to the oat flour, then into the egg bowl and finally into the breadcrumbs. Make sure each chicken wing has been smothered as it is dipped into each bowl.
  • Brush of the excess – Finish off by brushing off any excess breadcrumbs before transferring your chicken wings to the air fryer to cook.
  • Make your dip – I finish off by making a quick homemade dip while the breaded chicken wings are cooking and then I am ready to eat them.
Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings

More Air Fryer KFC Recipes

Here at the Milners we love making our own KFC favourites at home and we have plenty more on the blog to share with you. Here are a few more that I am sure you will find just as addictive as we do.

We also have a lot more air fryer recipes for you to check out and find some new ideas for planning your meals.

As well as this we have our air fryer archives, which is full to bursting with all our air fryer recipes in one big PDF ebook. You can order it on this link or click on the banner below.

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings
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Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings. How to air fry breaded chicken wings to make the most delicious crispy air fryer chicken wings. Loaded with a tasty crispy coating and a perfect air fryer beginner recipe.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time40 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine: Air Fryer
Servings: 4
Calories: 791kcal


Kitchen Gadgets:

Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings Ingredients:

Air Fryer Ranch Dressing:


  • Mix 2 large eggs in a bowl with garlic puree and put to one side.
  • In another bowl mix together oat flour with tarragon and set to one side.
  • In a third bowl add the rest of the seasonings from the air fryer breaded chicken wings ingredients list with the breadcrumbs and mix well.
  • You now have your production line set up with 3 well mixed bowls.
  • Season your fresh chicken wings with salt and pepper. Coat in the oat flour, then in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs until they are well coated.
  • Place on the air fryer oven top shelf and cook for 40 minutes at 180c/360f.
  • While your breaded chicken is cooking mix your ranch ingredients together.
  • Serve your warm air fryer breaded chicken wings with your ranch dressing.


If you are looking for a more authentic KFC chicken taste on your breaded chicken wings, then I recommend you follow our KFC spice blend.
If you follow Keto, I recommend you replace the breadcrumbs with our air fryer pork rinds, or for Paleo purchase some Paleo bread and then turn your Paleo bread into breadcrumbs.


Calories: 791kcal | Carbohydrates: 63g | Protein: 41g | Fat: 41g | Saturated Fat: 10g | Cholesterol: 192mg | Sodium: 940mg | Potassium: 585mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 487IU | Vitamin C: 4mg | Calcium: 164mg | Iron: 6mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Wings Recipe
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