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Your favourite traditional rocky road recipe meets Cadbury’s and Galaxy in this tasty Thermomix rocky road. Loaded with Cadburys crunchie rocks, marshmallows, and Galaxy smooth chocolate bars this is a game changer.  

You can also use our rocky road Thermomix recipe to use up leftover chocolate, making it perfect for Halloween, Christmas & Easter.

Thermomix rocky road recipe
Thermomix Rocky Road Recipe
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Best Rocky Road Recipe

Mummy this is your best rocky road recipe ever, please can I have some more.

Says Jorge (he is 5)

Says Sofia (she is 7)

Kyle our eldest (20 as I write this) how could you give away my rocky road, I only had two slices.

That was the day after I made rocky road in the Thermomix for the first time.

Our amazing cleaner Sarah has two teenage lads, so I sent some rocky road home with her for her boys. Who were also sad to the see the rest of it go!

It was also my first time making rocky road using the Thermomix as I usually break it all up by hand (takes forever) and then melt the chocolate in the air fryer. Just like in our Maltesers rocky road.

But today, I wanted to try something different and see if it would be easier to make Thermomix rocky road and this is the result.

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Rocky Road No Nuts

Kyle also has a nut allergy and I have a mild one. When we started Recipe This we always mentioned that it was a nut free blog and it still is.

Therefore, if you are annoyed that every rocky road recipe you try has nuts, then note this is a nut free rocky road.

What Is Traditionally In Rocky Road?

In a traditional rocky road recipe you will always find the same 4 ingredients. The 4 ingredients that are needed to bind a rocky road together and give it the texture that you love.

Melted chocolate – You need lots of chocolate to melt into your rocky road such as Dairy Milk from Cadburys or I love Galaxy smooth chocolate bars.

Crumbs – I call it crumbs but it means any biscuit that you can break down into crumbs. This can be leftover chocolate chip cookies, it can be digestive biscuits, it can be hobnobs, it can be graham crackers or any other leftover biscuit/cookie.

Marshmallows – This gives the extra texture to the rocky road and stops it from just been all crunch. If you can, use small mini marshmallows.

Rocks – Rocky Road comes from the rocky texture of the chocolate treat. You need something rocky to add in. Such as maltesers, crunchies, lolly pops, etc.

And that is the 4 ingredients rocky road. There are many adaptions of rocky road but you will always find these four.

What Chocolate To Use For Rocky Road?

Any chocolate that is your favourite and melts well for melted chocolate, will work well in your Thermomix rocky road.

I love a Cadbury rocky road recipe with a large bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

Then my second choice is Galaxy Smooth which is what I am using today.

Other great chocolates are a large bar of Nestle and using some white chocolate such as Milky Bar.

How Long Does Rocky Road Take To Set?

This ultimate rocky road recipe took JUST 2 hours to set in the fridge. Much to the kids disgust, that they had to wait a full two hours for the rocky road.

Though they did dunk their fingers in the mixture as I was making it!

Thermomix Recipe #4

As I write this, the Thermomix is my latest kitchen gadget. It joins my air fryer, instant pot pressure cooker, slow cooker, pie maker, and soup maker, plus many others and I am looking forward to seeing how the Thermomix makes cooking even easier.

For fun I am sharing with you behind the scenes Thermomix recipes of the first 30 things I made with my new kitchen toy.

That way you can see if the Thermomix is for you and if these recipes will fit in what you like to make.

Today’s Thermomix Rocky Road is Thermomix recipe #4. And don’t forget to catch up with Thermomix Choc Chip Cookies (recipe #1), Thermomix Buttercream (recipe #2) and Thermomix Whipped Cream (recipe #3)

My thoughts on Thermomix Rocky Road:

The Thermomix chops fast – I was hoping for some texture to my Cadbury’s Crunchie Rocks but they cut them so fast they went like breadcrumbs. On the plus side, I got out another packet and it added extra texture to the Rocky Road.

Overnight Magic – I find that rocky road left to set overnight is even better. We had some a couple of hours after making it and then the rest the next day.

I love the variety – You can make many different types of rocky road and its perfect for Halloween leftovers, Easter leftovers and so much more.

My latest biscuit addiction – After 13 years living in Portugal, I realised how much I missed hobnobs. Clearly, they made their way into the rocky road. You can use hobnobs or any other biscuit of choice.

Melting chocolate amazes me – I just can not get over how well and how easy it is to melt chocolate in the Thermomix. I must have starred at it like it was an alien as it was melting. That is because the Thermomix is melting the chocolate and mixing at the same time, making the most creamiest ever smooth melted chocolate. I think next is going to be melted chocolate strawberries!!!

But most importantly, would I recommend making rocky road in the Thermomix? Yes, I would. You can use the Thermomix to melt the chocolate, to crunch the biscuits, to crush any add ins and it’s a dream come true.

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Rocky Road Thermomix Ingredients

Rocky Road Thermomix Ingredients

Chocolate – Making rocky road starts with that yummy chocolate that you are planning on adding. I used a large bar of galaxy smooth, as well as Crunchie rocks and Crunchie chocolate bars. I love both Galaxy & Cadbury’s and it was nice to have a mix of the two.

Marshmallows – One of my pet hates about Portugal was not being able to get mini marshmallows. Here in the UK they are readily available and if you can get mini use those!

Biscuits – If you could use a favourite biscuit, cookie, or cracker in the bottom of a cheesecake, then it will work in a rocky road. I used hobnobs and they gave a wonderful oaty texture to the rocky road.

Creamer – Then you need a couple of extra ingredients to make your chocolate all creamy as it melts. I call this my rocky road creamer. For this I recommend golden syrup and some unsalted butter. Then the chocolate melts with these two ingredients in your Thermomix.

Then for the kitchen gadgets that we have used in this Thermomix rocky road recipe it has just been our TM6 and its wonderful for many types of baking recipes.

Plus, we recommend you head over to our Thermomix recipes category as we will be adding Thermomix recipes as we try new ones for you.

How To Make Rocky Road In Thermomix?

Thermomix rocky road step by step
  • Blend. Start by adding in the biscuits and blending them to fine breadcrumbs first. Followed by crunching up your rocky chocolate i.e. Crunchie rocks. Then this can be loaded into your mixing bowl.
  • Pour. Next pour in your melted chocolate ingredients and using the manual setting, melt the chocolate and mix at the same time.
  • Load. Then load everything into a bowl and mix well. Flatten the top and then place into the fridge for a couple of hours to set.
  • Finish. You can now chop up your rocky road and tuck in.

And I am sure you can see now how easy it is to make rocky road with the Thermomix. And how you can do the same in your kitchen.

What Thermomix Settings Do You Use?

The easiest way to do the rocky road in your Thermomix is to use the manual settings and the turbo setting.

The turbo setting is amazing for blasting your biscuits and quickly crumbling them. Think of it as similar to the pulse on a blender.

Then the manual setting for melting your chocolate. Where you can use all three buttons at once. Where you set the time, the temp, and the blender.  

How To Cut Rocky Road?

Before I dive into how to cut rocky road, I want to explain to you what I put the rocky road in.

I have some amazing silicone round baking pans, and I mainly use them for the air fryer. They just peel back and save on washing up and there is no scrubbing of your pans, and you don’t need any parchment paper. You can see it in action in our air fryer Christmas cake and our air fryer frittata.

I can load the rocky road into these containers and then let it set in it in the fridge.

rocky road in silicone

Then it peels away once set and I can chop the rocky road on a chopping board like this:

How To Cut Rocky Road

You can buy it here on Amazon.

How Long Does Homemade Rocky Road Last?

This easy Thermomix rocky road lasts about an hour with me about. I could binge on rocky road every day and never get bored of it!

However, if you have got willpower, then your rocky road can last up to 5 days in the fridge. So perfect for make ahead for picnics and birthday parties.

thermomix rocky road

Your Rocky Road Thermomix recipe is below, note you can print it out with or without photos, adjust servings, or click between metric and imperial depending on where you are in the world.

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Thermomix Rocky Road

Your favourite traditional rocky road recipe meets Cadbury’s and Galaxy in this tasty Thermomix rocky road. Loaded with Cadburys crunchie rocks, marshmallows, and Galaxy smooth chocolate bars this is a game changer.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 16
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Kitchen Gadgets

  • Thermomix, TM6
  • Silicone Baking Pan


  • Add the Crunchie rocks reserving a few for on top. Set to turbo and blast for 3 seconds. Pour into your silicone.
    How To Make Rocky Road In Thermomix?
  • Add the hobnobs into the Thermomix and break them into quarters as you load them up. Place the lid on the Thermomix and set it to turbo for 5 seconds to break them up into breadcrumbs. Pour into your silicone along with a few big bits of hobnobs to add texture.
    How To Make Rocky Road In Thermomix?
  • Load into the Thermomix your milk chocolate, breaking into chunks as you add it. Then also add in golden syrup and butter chunks. Set to manual 75c/165f speed 2 for 5 minutes, keeping an eye on it and stopping it once melted and well mixed.
    How To Make Rocky Road In Thermomix?
  • Add to the silicone the mini marshmallows along with the melted chocolate and mix well with your hands. Load your spare crunchie rocks into the top to add some extra texture. Press down with the back of the spoon to level it out.
    How To Make Rocky Road In Thermomix?
  • Fridge for 2 hours before peeling away from the silicone and cutting into 16 rocky road slices.
    How To Make Rocky Road In Thermomix?


Swaps. You can use any of your favourite leftover chocolate in this recipe. For milk chocolate we used Galaxy smooth. Because it is naturally soft it melts very well and makes an amazing chocolate sauce.
Crunchie. I love Crunchie rocks in a rocky road. They are already cut to size, and you don’t need to dice them up. I recommend saving about 12 from the pack to add afterwards to your rocky road for extra crunchy texture.
Thanks for reading our Rocky Road Thermomix recipe on Recipe This. We have many more Thermomix recipes for you to check out next. Though if you would like to try more delicious sweet treats, do check out our Thermomix Buttercream recipe.


Calories: 350kcal | Carbohydrates: 43g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 21g | Saturated Fat: 12g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 6g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 18mg | Sodium: 68mg | Potassium: 104mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 35g | Vitamin A: 227IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 36mg | Iron: 2mg
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