1. Hello there, I bought a Breville pie maker a while ago but made it a no go very soon afterwards, just couldn’t manage it. I recently found your recipes and down to earth instructions. Oh yes, dig out the pie maker and try your recipes. My family now think that this 78 year old man has gone berserk, can’t stop pie making they’re wonderful recipes. Thank you so much. The quick Quiche recipe so simple, so good. A slight sprinkle of Italian seasoning, Can’t make enough for my family. Many thanks once again. Tony J.

    1. Hi Tony,

      So glad to hear you still had your pie maker and you are finding our recipes helpful and wonderful 🙂

  2. I try using my pie maker. I want to love it but the truth is, I have wasted so much money on pie crusts. I only get a few and I seem to waste the scraps.
    These little pies cost me a lot of money. What are options? I don’t like egg type of pies.

    1. You can reuse the scraps from the pie crust you buy – just wad them up and roll them out to size. There are also a ton of recipes available on Pinterest using other things like tortilla shells and hamburger buns or other breads. It is a really fun gadget. I make mini pizzas often.

  3. I got this idea from you tube. Put a ball of dough in a tortilla press. Close the lid and bam! It is rolled out for you with one swift movement. Easy peazy.

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