1. Hi Louise,

      This is quite an old blog post and at the time of writing I was breast feeding which allows me to use 2 HEA and HEB ?



  1. Hi, I have recently joined SW and have found your recipes while looking for speed soups. I’m very interested in the carrot risotto but can’t find the recipe. Can you help please?

  2. Thankyou so much this is so helpful I’m just starting on my SW journey not actually committed to it as yet , just checking out all the successful people like yourself and it’s totally inspirational, I followed WW and lost 3 stone , I think possibly SW is my way forward. I feel so bad at gaining weight recently just took my foot of the gas and now back on this journey of losing weight again and feeling good about myself ????

  3. I made your mothers soup and love it … I sneak peaked my weight and it is coming down …. I added a bag of kale in mine too

    1. Hi Sunel,

      Glad to hear it is working for you and good luck with the rest of your weightloss journey 🙂 PS, so jealous you can get kale, i cannot get it over here!

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