1. Using the instant pot is the best way to make and enjoy great yogurt. To increase the protein content per serving and avoid the need for straining, I use ultra filtered milk. Also, for a zero calorie and tasty flavor try sugar free jello (one small box for one batch).

    Happy “yogurting” 😀😀😀!

    1. Some great tips Penny many thanks 🙂 We have just tweaked again our recipe where we left it to strain for 8 hours after the chill and the yogurt was thick and creamy, it was delicious 😛

    1. Hi LH,

      We only have the duo and the duo plus which both have yogurt buttons. So we have not done this without a yogurt button but you need to find a way to heat the milk up to 185 f and then mix with the yogurt you have added and then keep it warm for 8 hours. So i do not think there is another button you can use, you would have to find a way to replicate the above, sorry we cannot help further 🙂

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