1. The Instant Pot recipes sound delicious, can’t hardly wait to try them. The recipe for cabbage is great because we love cooked cabbage as a side dish.

    1. I hope you enjoy all the recipes you make Barbara and if you have any difficulties please feel free to get in touch.

      Kind Regards


  2. Question for you! If I want to cook several of these that have the same cook time would that work? Have you combined veggies such as rutabagas and turnips?

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      Also, if I wanted to cook them separately and do one veggie at a time (rutabagas, turnips, and cabbage) how long does it take to bring it back up to pressure in between each veggie? I am new to the instapot and I haven’t tried cooking back to back items for the same meal.

      1. Hi Jennifer,

        The problem you have there is when you do that it doesn’t take as long to come to pressure the next time. So what I recommend is that when you go in for your next vegetables you add a couple more minutes of cooking time or you empty the water out and add chilled water.

        Because chilled water takes a lot longer to go to pressure compared to warm water.

        For example take broccoli. You could cook it for 0 minutes with cold water and also cook it for 2 minutes with warm water and get the same result.

        I hope that helps.

    2. Hi Jennifer,

      Yes I have. I often cook vegetables together and have also combined ones with different cook times. You can also fill an instant pot and keep the same cook time.

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