1. 5 stars
    I was hoping you would do these, i love anything to do with bananas and i use these like chews, if i am fancying a snack i have a couple and your instructions really helped me with getting them right.

  2. 5 stars
    Love this idea. I have an air fryer oven with shelves and was scared to try dehydration, but i took the plunge on these and they were lovely a great summer treat 🙂

  3. How thick should the slices be at the most? Tried a batch and look ok but are not crisp right now fresh out of the dehydrater/ air fryer.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Ours in our recipe were around 1/4 inch and they worked for us, the thinner you go the crispier the banana crisps will be. Or a plan b is to spray them with olive oil when you turn them over this also helps with the crisping 🙂

      How did they turn out?

  4. I don’t know what went wrong. I followed the recipe but mine never did crisp up. I made sure to separate them and even tried adding more time. Basically this was a waste of time for me and I had to throw them out 🙁

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Sorry they did not work out for you, the only thing that i can think of is either the banana were too thickly sliced or the machine you were using did not work properly. After the time and the extra time there is know reason other than what i have said why the bananas should not have become crispy 🙂

  5. Hi – I am looking into different dehydration recipes for fruits and came across yours. I haven’t tried it as yet because I am a little confused by your recipe. Did you air fry the bananas or dehydrate the bananas – because they’re 2 different things & I have both settings on my Instant Pot. I would also like the temperature setting on both please :0) – Wanda

    1. Hi Wanda,

      The bananas are dehydrated and we used a air fryer to do them. We used a Power air fryer Oven to dehydrate our fruits so cannot say how the Instant Pot does things as we did not use it for this. They are done on a very low temp for 3 hours at 55c/130f. If you use the air fry option it will just cook them as it does not get down to the low temp, the dehydrate function should let you set the temp low as this is still air frying but on a very low temperature so the fruits dehydrate 🙂

  6. In the recipe it does say press air-fry. I did this at first but temp could not go to 130c. So I stopped and pressed dehydrate and set temp to 130c. And was able to set time to 3 hours. Just waiting for

    1. Hi Terresa,

      Yes we used a Ninja Foodi so it has a dehydrate option and goes down really low, only the air fryers that say they can dehydrate go down as low as what you need, but the way you are doing might be ok 🙂

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