1. What do y’all do for a living? Do you work in a restaurant. I just retired from teaching, so I’m looking forward to cooking again. Like you, I worked long hours, and so I feel liberated and ready for what comes next.
    I just saw the last of your series on cooking with the Instant Pot. Where can I find the other parts of the series? Would I find them on your blog?
    Great blog BTW.

    1. Hi Kim,

      We just love to cook, so we work as full time food bloggers together. So its me and the hubby at home all day together cooking and writing and researching our recipes. We also have 2 under 3s and a teen so it suits us this way.

      My husband used to be a chef though and I worked in internet marketing.

      All our Instant Pot recipes can be found here:


      kind regards


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