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Slow Cooker Hidden Veggies. In episode 017 of the Magic With Gadgets Podcast we are talking about slow cooker hidden veggies. How to cook a delicious chicken dish in a creamy sauce that is made up of vegetables every single time. Ideal for eating healthier with the slow cooker or feeding your kids extra veggies.

magic with gadgets - episode 17 - my slow cooker hidden veggies hack
Episode 17 – My Slow Cooker Hidden Veggies Hack
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Slow Cooker Hidden Veggies

Whenever someone tells me that they have fussy kids or a fussy husband that wont eat vegetables, I point them in the direction of this hack.

Much better than the typical slow cooker recipe that calls for a can of soup or other processed foods.

In today’s podcast I will be sharing with you how to cook chicken and vegetables at the same time and transform it time and time again into beautiful slow cooker dinners. Whether you enjoy a chicken tikka masala, hunters’ chicken or a lamb casserole.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode?

  • My number #1 hidden veggies hack
  • What vegetables you can use
  • My best hidden veggies fakeaway
  • More hidden veggies slow cooker recipes

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5 magical ways to cook hidden veggies in slow cooker

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Beyond the air fryer we also love the instant pot, slow cooker, soup maker, ninja foodi, pie maker and several other kitchen gadgets.

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  1. Will be listening later, it downloaded to my phone just now, i love the way you explain things so clearly, thank you.