Meatless Monday Air Fryer Veggie Bake Cakes

Welcome to my meatless Monday air fryer veggie bake cakes recipe.

Welcome to my meatless Monday air fryer veggie bake cakes recipe.

Well it is Monday and the perfect timing for a delicious meatless Monday snack that you can make from your Christmas leftovers. Or if you just love vegetables then it is perfect too.

Vegetable bake to me is cooking all those lovely vegetables in a cheese sauce and then finishing it off under the grill until the cheese on top bubbles. It is food heaven and the perfect side dish for over the Christmas period.

Well its supposed to be for Christmas, but like the American’s addiction to Macaroni Cheese (or Mac & Cheese as it is known) it is not just for Thanksgiving, but anytime when you need that delicious comfort food that is loaded with loads and loads of cheese.

At Christmas my vegetable bake tends to have broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, parsnip, swede and potatoes in it. But for this one it is all about the delicious trio of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. They are delicious together and at the same time this dish is also very frugal.

I tend to make it most when I have those leftover vegetables in the bottom of the fridge and it’s the night before grocery shopping day. Well when I am in the mindset of “I must eat loads of cheese sauce” is the time we have this. But for the rest of the time when we are being good it is usually homemade soup!

You could of course take any leftover vegetables that you have use them in this dish and as long as it is loaded with vegetables and cheese then everyone should be happy.

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Meatless Monday Air Fryer Veggie Bake Cakes
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Preheat Air Fryer to 180c. Mix the flour with the leftover vegetable bake to thicken it. It will now be thick dough.
  2. Place your baking mat into your Air Fryer and place your vegetable bake mixture into the Air Fryer and cook for 12 minutes on 180c.
  3. Serve.
The leftovers need to be really thick in order for this recipe to come together. Therefore if your sauce is watery drain some of the liquid off or add extra flour and cheese to make it thicker before cooking. Or if you’re making the vegetable bake straight away to make these then make the cheese sauce with less milk so that it will be much thicker.

We use a baking mat for recipes like this so that the Air Fryer wont need a deep clean afterwards. We used our Philips Air Fryer to cook this and make sure your mixture is spread out in between cakes otherwise they will stick together and become one huge one.

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