1. I was wondering what Instant Pot you used for the boiled eggs? I’m currently looking at either the 7 in 1 (no egg function) or the 9 in 1 (has an egg function). There’s about a $20 difference but if I can get away boiling eggs in the 7 in 1 I can save myself $20.

  2. Claudia: Samantha’s recipe stated to hit the STEAM button, which the 7-In-1 has. You do not need an EGG button to follow this recipe.

  3. Once my eggs have cooked for 2 minutes, and I want to add the 3 minutes KeepWarm function – is this a manual process or something I set on the InstantPot? Can’t seem to get that set. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gisele

      After the eggs have cooked for 2 minutes the Instant pot automatically goes into keep warm mode, so when the 3 minutes is up release the remaining pressure.

      Kind Regards


  4. Hi, I am new to the Instant Pot. I don’t have the steam function as you mentioned. Mine has LOW or HIGH pressure and a TIME button. Is the steam function the same as HIGH pressure for 5 minutes? I am trying to boil eggs today and hope to get it right the first time. 🙂 Many thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Do you have a manual button? If you do leave the instant pot on high pressure and then follow the instructions and press manual instead of steam or time.
      If you have any more trouble please feel free to ask us more questions.

      Kind Regards


  5. I don’t have the ‘instant pot’ brand but recently bought a 2 quart pressure cooker, it didn’t come with any inserts. Can I just do the eggs in the pot it came with. I am having difficulty finding recipes that are small enough to make… they’re all for larger capacity pots, but its just me in the house..

    1. Hi Katrina,

      If you mean the inner pot then it would be just like boiling the eggs they need to be out of the water whilst cooking unlike when you are making a stew or casserole. Yes unfortunately they are a lack of accessories for the smaller pressure cookers. On our recipes where it says how many the recipe is for you can use the slider which moves up or down if you want to make it for more people or less. Just click on the highlighted number usually red.

      Kind Regards


    1. Hi Paul,

      The discrepancy is there because it doesn’t take into account cooking time + NPR.

      Kind Regards


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