Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers

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Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers. Perfect for breakfast or bunch use the Instant Pot to make perfect dippy eggs and soldiers.

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers instant pot recipe
Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers

Our Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs is an update based on the original instant pot soft boiled eggs that we featured in January 2017, just after getting our first ever Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs

Welcome to my Instant Pot soft boiled eggs and soldiers. If you struggle to make perfect soft boiled eggs in the saucepan then the modern era of the Instant Pot cooking is just perfect for you!

You can put your eggs in to the Instant Pot and then it will beep and tell you when they are done.

No need to wait for your eggs to boil no need to get an egg timer out and each time we have done our Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs they have always been perfect.

Though for many of us over the years it has always been so hit and miss. You would cook your soft boiled eggs and then hope for the best.

There would always be the time when you were looking forward to the perfectly boiled egg and you crack the shell only to find out that you accidentally left it in for a minute more than planned.

Or your water wasn’t quite hot enough when you put them on, so they are more raw than soft boiled.

When I was growing up, I used to go and stay at my Grandparents from time to time. They lived in the nearest city which was about 40 minutes away.

This of course in the 90’s seemed like a long distance to travel and I would look forward to having a week at my Grandparents and enjoying the food that they liked to eat.

For breakfast on a Saturday it would always be the turn of soft boiled eggs with brown bread soldiers.

Of course, there would be lots of butter on the bread with none of this low-fat horrible margarine nonsense that we have today.

It would also be served with some delicious homemade jam and washed down with fresh orange juice.

Talk about breakfast heaven.

For a modern family though, by using the Instant Pot to make it you can do several soft boiled eggs at once and then while they are cooking away in your Instant Pot, you can be focusing on making the perfect soldiers for your dippy eggs and setting the table.

What Is Dippy Eggs & Soldiers?

Firstly, I am sure you are wondering what is dippy eggs and soldiers? As a Brit there is no explanation needed for me, but for the rest of the world, you’re probably reading this and feeling rather puzzled.

Dippy eggs and soldiers are also known as soft boiled eggs and soldiers. They started off as a kid’s comfort food and your toast was sliced into soldier shapes.

You then dipped your soldiers into soft boiled eggs.

Dippy eggs and soldiers always sounded better to me though, as after all the eggs are dippy and you always feel like you have been let down on your eggs if they don’t dip and have gone hard.

Though with the dippy eggs often being small, you’re always guaranteed to have some soldiers left over that you can enjoy with extra butter.

Though if you are from the US, you might also consider an Instant Pot soft boiled egg to be a similar softness to sunny side up eggs.

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Eggs With Soldiers Ingredients

Eggs with soldiers’ ingredients are things that you would traditionally have in your pantry.

That is probably the reason why eggs with soldiers has been so popular for our grandparent’s generation.

Eggs With Soldiers Ingredients Include:

  • Large Eggs
  • Butter
  • Bread For Toasting

That is it! Of course, it is nice to add some fresh orange juice to keep it traditional. It is also nice to have extra toast to serve with Instant Pot Lemon Curd or with Instant Pot Strawberry Jam, but that is optional.

If you’re British though, dippy eggs and soldiers are not the same without a cute egg cup or two.

Most people have the same egg cup for years and cherish it. Sadly, Dominic accidentally smashed mine a year or so ago, though it did give me a reason to get some new ones.

I have this amazing one for the kids:

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers kids

This is the best looking one I have ever seen and is perfect for your younger kids. It makes eating dippy eggs and soldiers so much for fun for them and gets them into a love for eggs.

But funny story, I came in one day from serving Jorge and he had peeled the entire egg and eaten it all. I can’t believe how good at age 3 he is, at peeling eggs.

Get it here on Amazon

Then these little bucket egg cups for Dominic and I:

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers adults

Though annoyingly, when we purchased these cute bucket ones, out of the pack of 4 one of them was broken. I still need to go and buy another set to make up for the damaged one.

Get it here on Amazon

Eggs With Soldiers Cooking Time

Eggs with soldiers cooking time is JUST 2 minutes. That is literally IT. The Instant Pot soft boiled eggs take just 2 minutes once they come to pressure and the toast that you make into soldiers takes just 2 minutes in the air fryer too.

I recommend that you get everything out, get the Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs going, then while they are coming to pressure get your table set and then make your soldiers while the Instant Pot is under pressure.

That way both your soft boiled eggs and soldiers will be ready together.

Though a very important soft boiled egg tip: Always take the top off each egg as soon as they are done, otherwise they will carry on cooking and your Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs with become our Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs!

Growing up I often made this mistake. I would eat the first soft boiled egg and by the time I got to egg number #2 it would have hardened up.

Soldiers Recipe

The toast soldiers are the best part, right? I love toast soldiers and I can never get enough!

Place your slices of bread in your air fryer and cook for 2 minutes at 200c/400f. Then load them with butter and cut into slices.

OMG they are so good, most of us has a sly slice in the kitchen before we take the soft boiled eggs and soldiers to the dining table to share with the family.

How Do You Make Dippy Eggs & Soldiers?

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers at

To make dippy eggs and soldiers is SIMPLE. Firstly, because this recipe is for Instant Pot dippy eggs you will need an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker (we have this model) as well as an air fryer for your toast (we have the power air fryer oven) and best of all an egg trivet to place in your Instant Pot.

The egg trivet is fantastic and holds 7 eggs at once. Like you can see below:

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers trivet

Then you place a cup of cold water over the trivet, before adding in your required eggs. You can cook up to 7 at once, depending on how many people you’re feeding.

Then place the lid on the Instant Pot, set the valve to sealing and cook your dippy eggs for 2 minutes.

At the same time make your soldiers for your dippy eggs, just like how I mentioned above.

Then serve your dippy eggs with soldiers and whatever other toast and jams you want to add to it.

Because the dippy eggs and soldiers are high in protein and carbs, it will leave you and your family full for hours.

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers

Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers. Perfect for breakfast or bunch use the Instant Pot to make perfect dippy eggs and soldiers.
Prep Time2 minutes
Cook Time2 minutes
Total Time4 minutes
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: Instant Pot
Servings: 4
Calories: 279.24kcal


Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs Ingredients:

  • 7 Large Eggs

Air Fryer Soldiers Ingredients:


  • In your Instant Pot add your egg trivet along with 1 cup/240ml of water. Load your large eggs onto the egg trivet slots. Place the lid on your Instant Pot, set the valve to sealing and cook for 2 minutes.
  • As soon as the two minutes is up and it has beeped, manually release pressure. Place the eggs into egg cups and slice the top of the eggs.
  • Serve your dippy eggs with your soldiers and more toast and jams.


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We have tested our Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs several times and have found that whether you do 1 egg or 7 you don’t need to adjust the time. Therefore, do as many or as few as you want to eat.
You can use any type of bread for your soldiers. I often mix it up and it will be either wholemeal bread or white bread.


Calories: 279.24kcal | Carbohydrates: 28.26g | Protein: 15.5g | Fat: 11.28g | Saturated Fat: 4.14g | Cholesterol: 291.81mg | Sodium: 417.83mg | Potassium: 208.18mg | Fiber: 2.35g | Sugar: 3.69g | Vitamin A: 478.28IU | Calcium: 120.4mg | Iron: 3.32mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs With Soldiers recipe
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  1. Hi. I’m in the UK and have just bought an IP duo evo plus. I want to try soft boiled eggs. Can you please tell me what ‘weight’ eggs are you using? Are you using low or high pressure? Also, are your eggs at roon temperature or from the fridge? Thanks.

    • Hi Fiona

      Thanks for the question.

      The eggs are shop bought large eggs we never weighted them. We have more than 200 recipes on and unless it states otherwise all recipes are cooked using the high pressure function and only 2 or 3 using low pressure. This recipe is high pressure.

      The eggs were straight from the fridge and then into the instant pot.

      If you have anymore questions please get in touch Fiona 🙂


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