Easy & Healthy Air Fryer Doner Kebabs

Welcome to my easy and healthy air fryer doner kebabs recipe.

Welcome to my easy and healthy air fryer doner kebabs recipe. Enjoy the delicious flavour of homemade doner kebabs without the high calories. Serve them up for the perfect Friday night supper for a fraction of the takeaway cost.

I used to have a doner kebab all the time when I was in my teens. It was the 90s and it was becoming popular for the first time to ring up for a takeaway rather than doing lots of cooking.

My mum used to ring up for a doner kebab for each of us and then we would share some fries with it. My dad being super fussy would have it salad free and would just have the meat and the pita bread. However me and my mum would love to share a pita full to bursting with lots of salad and a generous amount of Greek yoghurt sauce.

If you have not had a doner kebab before then it is usually a cheap cut of meat which is either lamb or chicken and served with salad and sauce.

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Among British celebrities that have had weight gain the majority would have blamed the doner kebabs every Friday night for getting them fat as they are high in calories.

But how about making a healthy version at home? Instead of chicken what about leftover turkey from Christmas instead? Then make it with your own homemade bread and you have a much better option. It is not going to qualify for the 5:2 diet thanks to the bread but it is going to be a lot better and make you realise that doner kebabs are not completely bad for you.

Oh and for the added bonus the doner kebabs are made in the air fryer giving you a healthier cooking method.

These are also really easy to make so if you’re looking for a quick Friday night supper without the cost of a takeaway then this is for you!

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Easy & Healthy Air Fryer Doner Kebabs
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  1. Using a food processor grind your gluten free oats until they resemble fine breadcrumbs. Put them to one side.
  2. In a mixing bowl add everything apart from the wraps and the oats. If it is not really sticky then add some more Greek yoghurt so that the texture is wet and that the seasoning is well covered.
  3. Roll your turkey in the oats and add all your ingredients into a silver foil packet.
  4. Place in the air fryer and cook for 5 minutes until the turkey is warmed up and the garlic is no longer giving out that raw over powering taste.
  5. Serve inside your tortilla wraps with salad garnish.
We use our tortilla wraps and then slash them on one side to make a great alternative to traditional pita bread. Or you can keep them as they are.

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