Airfryer Super Simple Shortbread Chocolate Balls

"shortbread chocolate balls"

Welcome to our airfryer super simple shortbread chocolate balls.

I love shortbread actually I don’t think I said that loud enough I LOVE shortbread. The way it melts in your mouth, the way it breaks away when you eat it, it is just food heaven.

When I was growing up my mum and dad had this lovely book keeper to help them with their accounts. He was called Jim and at the time he was in his 60’s and had a really broad Scottish accent and I used to love the way he would say “Samantha” it just sounded do much better than the way my mum would screech it around the supermarket.

At Christmas as a Christmas present he would always bring us some Scottish homemade shortbread and it tasted amazing. It would always be gone in 10 minutes and we all thought it was the most delicious biscuit we had ever eaten.

Ever since then we have become addicted to shortbread. However due to the high quantity of butter in it we have to save it for special occasions otherwise we would end up super fat and super unhealthy.

But for a treat once in a while it is delicious and well worth making. Oh and did I mention the preparation on it is super fast?

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Airfryer Super Simple Shortbread Chocolate Balls
Serves: 9
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 175g Butter
  • 75g Caster Sugar
  • 250g Plain Flour
  • 1Tsp Vanilla Essence
  • 9 Chocolate chunks
  • 2Tbsp Cocoa
  1. Pre-heat your airfryer to 180c.
  2. Mix your flour, sugar and cocoa in a bowl together.
  3. Rub in your butter and knead well until you have a smooth dough.
  4. Divide into balls and place a chunk of chocolate into the centre of each and make sure none of the chocolate chunk is showing.
  5. Place your chocolate shortbread balls onto a baking sheet in your airfryer. Cook them at 180c for 8 minutes and then a further 5 minutes on 160c so that you can make sure they are cooked in the middle.
  6. Serve!
You’ll probably notice that a lot of my pudding recipes for the airfryer are for nine balls. This is pre-planned as there are three of us so it is three each. But you could make them a little small to make more or a little bigger to make less.

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"shortbread balls recipe"

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