Recipe This Affiliate Tools

Welcome to the affiliate tools at Recipe This. We are so pleased to welcome you aboard as our newest affiliate and appreciate you taking the time to sign up.

If you have been looking for something to replace Amazon (I feel your pain) well this is it. I recently saw an instant pot sale in my affiliate dashboard. For selling a new instant pot I earned JUST $2.39. Yet even if you sold just one of our low ticket tripwire products for $7 you would earn more than this and that is without the upsells.

I know many of you affiliate Amazon because there is nothing better to affiliate, or that there is nothing in our niche to affiliate. As an instant pot and air fryer blogger, it often feels that the good affiliate income falls under paleo or keto and that we are just left with instant pots and instant pot accessories to promote.

When I saw that Amazon cut their affiliate commissions yet again and with my hatred for their 1 day cookie, I decided to expand our affiliate programme, give you much better choice of products to promote and make sure there was a fantastic commission.

Step #1 – Affiliate Setup

Make sure that you have confirmed your email address – This is very important as its via email we share with you new affiliate products and promotions we are running. As well as sharing with you our wealth of affiliate marketing and digital product sales knowledge.

Filled in the Google form – This ensures we have all your information and can set you up as an affiliate as soon as possible. We will then email you when you are ready to go.

If you have not filled in the Google form yet click here.

Step #2 Plan Which Products To Promote

Right now, at Recipe This we have an excellent range of products you can promote to your kitchen gadget readers. We are always adding new ones too, so stop by later to see what else we have added.

When you are approved into our affiliate programme on Send Owl, we automatically add you as affiliates to our main products. Though do ask if you would like to be added to some others.

You can promote either our free ebooks, free mini courses, ebooks or our courses.

Have a browse through the sales pages and see which suits your audience the most:

FREE Ebooks

Air Fryer Products

Instant Pot Products

Step #3 – The Graphics

using our affiliate graphics and swipe files

Download what you need – We have created plenty of banners you can use as well as ecovers in various formats. Click on any of the links below and it will open a zip file that contains the banners and you can then use them on your site. You have permission to use any of these graphics as long as it is used with your affiliate links or promotions.

Printable graphics – Did you know we also have a printables category here and you can promote any of these printable blog posts. Use our graphics on your own site and on your own social media and tell people why printables are amazing. These printables do very well on Pinterest too for an extra affiliate passive income stream. They are also set up for tripwires making them ideal for a regular affiliate income.

I also don’t have ads showing on these posts and they are all about the ebook sales and getting people onto our tripwire.

You can load these printables onto your blog posts and use them to help your readers. After all, if you have a viral air fryer blog post, your readers will love you sharing an air fryer cooking times cheat sheet with them.

Download the printable promotion packs:

Email swipe file – We have also created a four part email swipe file for you to use too. It contains four follow ups that you can load into your evergreen forever series and is the same style that has converted so well for us. It is made to be able to start with free products and low ticket items and getting people buying. Written for the air fryer, but very easy to edit for the instant pot. Get the swipe file here.

Step #3 – Affiliate Strategy

11 tips to become a successful recipe this affiliate

How are you going to promote the ebooks? Whenever I am selling an ebook or affiliating a product I like a plan of action in place. I also like to know EXACTLY where will give me the best return and net me the most sales.

  • High Traffic Related Blog Posts – I have got the best return on placing banners inside of our top traffic posts as well as some useful links that have a good call to action. If you are promoting our 101 air fryer recipes for example, I recommend adding it to all your air fryer posts that are getting good regular evergreen traffic. We did this with our top 200 air fryer recipes (we have over 400) and it has resulted in daily ebook sales and is a great way to optimise your top posts.
  • Accessories Guide – If you are in the instant pot or the air fryer niche, I am sure you are aware how popular accessories guides are. Create an ebook section and include our ebooks. You will find that our commission is higher than some of the Amazon products you are currently featuring.
  • Interview Me – I love being interviewed and whether you want to do a You Tube interview, have a podcast, or want to do a classic blog post one, I am up for it. You can then use it to promote your affiliate links and use it to feature someone with authority in your niche. Add in my shares across social media and on my mailing list and it will give you a boost. Just email me and we can talk about it.
  • Email Follow Up – I am a big fan of the evergreen forever series that you can run through your mailing list. Let’s say I become message 13 and then each time your reader gets to message 13 they read about the air fryer ebook you recommend. A great way to generate regular affiliate sales. I have done this with a lot of my ebooks and it has generated a lot of passive income for me.
  • Social Media. I love promoting affiliate products and my own products on social media. Create some pins and load them into your Pinterest schedule or even better add to your Smarter Queue and then have them drip fed across Twitter, Facebook and your Facebook group.
  • Paid Ads. You can also use paid ads to promote your affiliate products too. I recommend if you do that you start on a small budget and see how it converts before increasing your spend.
  • Blog Optimisation – Got a welcome new visitors page, or a resources page, then tweak it with relevant affiliate links. You can also add our banners to specific places on your site too.

Though if I were to choose one method that works the best for me above that has resulted in the most sales, I would recommend optimising old popular posts.

Go through your Google Analytics and find your top posts to are on topic and then add links and banners to them. It doesn’t have to be an updated recent post, just one that brings you traffic that you would like to earn more money from.

Step #4 – Product Strategy

As you can see, we have several products for you to choose from and affiliate. But which of our products should you promote, and which ones will generate the best sales?

Firstly, make sure you are on topic. No point sending soup maker recommendations to an instant pot readership.

I recommend you promote our free ebooks the most. This is our bucket list and our mini course. They are at the bottom of the sales funnel and this means the chance for MORE sales.

When they come in through the free ebooks such as the bucket list or the mini course, they are presented with the free course, which then leads to a quick $7 upsell called the advanced mini course.

When they have gone through the 5 day mini course they have already built trust with Recipe This and we have a very high conversion rate. After buying the $7 advanced course, they are then sold our 101 air fryer recipes, also our other smaller ebooks related to the air fryer. This would result in sales of $62.80 and then a commission to you of $31.40.

But if they had come in on the 101 air fryer recipes instead you would have missed out on a sales of $42.80 and you would have just a $10 commission.

Even better, it is so much easier to say to someone “I recommend this amazing free 5 day mini course”, compared to saying “buy this air fryer ebook”.

Also, if you missed them before, below are some of the frequently asked questions that you might want to know:


  • What if someone doesn’t buy straight away? That is no problem as we offer a one year cookie. Meaning that if they return anytime in the next year you will be credited with the commission.
  • When do I get paid? You get paid a month behind. This means if you generate affiliate sales in January you will be paid for them at the 28th February, or February sales will be paid at the end of March and so on. The reason for the delay is to give the customers the opportunity for a refund.
  • Why is the commission 50%? We like to consider it to be an equal partnership. We put in the hard work creating the digital products and then you work hard promoting it. Because we are both working hard, we should both earn the same.
  • Do you have to have a big blog following? Absolutely not. You could even promote us when your blog has just started. Or like some of our affiliates you can promote on You Tube, social media etc. Or to your mailing list.
  • How long does the approval time for new affiliates take? Not long at all, when we get your email, we will process it for you as quick as you can. Expect up to 3 working days in case we are out of the office when your request comes in.
  • What do you expect of me? For you to abide by the law and not spam people with your affiliate link. Most importantly to abide by the affiliate laws of your country and to properly disclose affiliate links when you use them.
  • Who is best suited to the Recipe This affiliate programme? Those that get the best ROI are those that have a blog focusing on instant pot or air fryer recipes. Maybe you had an air fryer recipe that gets good traffic, simply by optimising it, you can be bringing in a new income stream.
  • Why we use Send Owl for our affiliates? We spent many, many years on Clickbank and realised we were losing a lot of money on CB and so was our affiliates. Their cut was much higher, it was difficult to make money with upsells and their support was slow. By being on Send Owl we can upsell other products at checkout, have better control and be able to increase the cookie length to one year.
  • What happens next? Once you have filled in your email address with one of the two forms above, you will be asked to fill in a form. This gives us all the information we need to quickly get you set up as an affiliate and keeps everything organised. While you are waiting you will also be given access to the tools area where you can download graphics to use and plan your affiliate strategy.

If you have any further questions about our affiliate programme, please get in touch. We’re more than happy to help you out.