1. Question: My IP came with a trivet but not a steamer basket. What do you put the salmon on before you place it on the trivet? I assume for steaming just veggies I could use my own steamer basket, but not sure what to use for the salmon.

    1. Hi Jo

      Yes we use our own steamer basket that we kept from our old soup maker come steamer. For the salmon we used the trivet and placed the salmon across it but if you find that hard to get the salmon off of it then put some silver foil or some baking sheet on top of the trivet and place the salmon on there and it should fine.



    1. Hi Elec,

      Sorry about that the recipe appeared to disappear 🙁 We have re-added it for you 🙂

  2. I must admit i had reservations of cooking salmon and broccoli like this. But it came out perfect. Me and the wife have salmon most lunch times as it helps with improving our health. Thanks again.

  3. Great recipe thank you. I’m new to the instant pot and this has been one of my favourites so far. Going to tackle your 101 instant pot recipes now and learn some new recipes.

  4. My favourite summer lunch. Going to try it in the instant pot today. Wish me luck instant pot newbie here.

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