How To Convert Grams To Cups

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How to convert grams to cups, a printable metric to imperial cheat sheet and quick reference for when you want to try a recipe that is not in the measurements you regularly use. Ideal for Australians & Europeans that want to follow US recipes. Or Americans that would love to follow European recipes.

how to convert grams to cups

Metric Vs Imperial

I am British born living in Portugal. Up until a few years ago all I really knew was metric. I love the metric measuring system as it is accurate and very easy to follow.

As Recipe This readership has grown and grown, we have found that we have gone from just having a UK audience to a worldwide audience.

I have also learnt a lot of American food terminology along the way and made sure our kitchen gadget recipes are suitable for both Americans and our UK/AU readers.

We also provide a metric to imperial button on all our recipes so that no matter where you live you can easily go from one to the other.

Now that I understand both grams and cups, I use a bit of each. I use grams most of the time and then use cups for measuring liquids and some pantry staples.

Can You Convert Grams To Cups?

The first thing I ever get asked is if you can convert grams to cups and how easy is it to do so.

Firstly, I have to say I am a huge fan of converting some foods from grams to cups, compared to others which are terrible, and I don’t recommend doing so.

Grams to cups of butter is a great example. You just see a recipe for 1 cup of butter. It is never mentioned how small the butter is sliced for how many bits of butter will fit in the cup.

One person follows the recipe and their butter is smaller than another and you have two different results.

The same can be said for other solid foods that you would slice and dice and then place into cups.

But what is ideal for converting from grams to cups are:

  • Grams to cups of sugar
  • Grams to cups of water
  • Grams to cups of oil
  • Gram to cups of porridge oats
  • Grams to cups of rice
  • Grams to cups of couscous
  • Grams to cups of lentils
  • Grams to cups of rice

Though flour can be a tricky one for grams to cups conversions. When you place flour into cups its hard to get it right to the exact gram.

Plus many have a universal gram conversion when some flours weigh more than others.

We have a set of cups that we use in the Milner house and always use them when I am cooking dried pantry staples.

Just last night I made a batch of Instant Pot Red Thai Curry and used cups for adding the red lentils. I have also taught our eldest son to do this when he is making a batch of couscous.

How To Change Grams To Cups?

What I tend to do is measure out on the scales in grams what I want to convert and then load it into cups. Then make myself a cheat sheet so that I know what the conversion is next time I make it.

This is ideal if you are following a recipe for making porridge, because next time you can do it in cups or take a cups recipe to grams.

But there are some recipes that I rarely measure in grams and just stick with cups as it is easier and the measurements are spot on. Such as when I make instant pot quinoa or instant pot brown rice.

Top 10 Metric To Imperial Conversions

In the Milner kitchen there are some metric to imperial conversions we do the most and know from memory because we use them that much. They are our top 10 go to conversions and included in your free printable.

  • 80ml = 1/3 Cup
  • 120ml = ½ Cup
  • 240ml = 1 Cup
  • 4Tbsp = ¼ Cup
  • 1 Kilo = 2.204 Pounds
  • 28g = 1oz
  • 225g = 8oz
  • 160c = 320f
  • 180c = 360f
  • 200c = 400f

Metric Vs Imperial Cheat Sheet

metric and imperial cooking chart

Below you can subscribe for FREE to Recipe This and receive our metric to imperial cook time chart in PDF.

My favourite feature though, is that you can quickly understand the temperatures for when cooking in the air fryer.

Or quickly learn what ml is required to measure in cups. Perfect for when you are following an instant pot recipe and it asks for a cup of water.

Then you know that it is 240ml and you can use a measuring jug rather than a cup if you don’t have cups.

More Printables On Recipe This:

Though, when you subscribe above you will get access to all the above and you can download as much or as little as you like. Currently our grams to cups conversion is our 12th printable and we have plenty more planned for you.

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