Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread

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Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread. How to cook your favourite frozen garlic bread in the air fryer oven. Easy step by step air fryer frozen garlic bread tutorial that is easy to adapt to your favourite brand of frozen garlic bread.

Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread in the air fryer oven
Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread in the air fryer oven

Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread

For as long as I can remember, I have been hooked on garlic bread. So, it’s no surprise today that I am sharing with you how to cook air fryer frozen garlic bread.

One of my favourite memories of garlic bread was in the 90’s when I was lucky enough to have an Italian restaurant at the end of my street. It was called Pavarotti’s and served all of your favourite Italian staples.

I would often share a pizza with my mum, while my dad often had steak.

But we always started the meal off the same way and that was with a freshly cooked garlic bread.

It was also the first time I had experienced show cooking and you could watch the chef make it and smell that amazing garlic scent as it got you more and more hungry.

I was gutted at the end of the 90’s when it shut down and it wasn’t replaced with another restaurant for some time.

But it did start my love affair with garlic bread and even though fresh is the best, frozen garlic bread in the air fryer is fantastic for a quick side in a hurry.

Frozen Garlic Bread In Air Fryer Oven

Today in our frozen garlic bread in the air fryer, we will be using my almost new air fryer oven.

I have had it for over a month now and it is just PERFECT for pizzas and garlic breads. That is because it is shaped like a mini oven and you have a much bigger cooking space.

Plus, it makes the frozen garlic bread taste so, so good.

It crisps up the base of the frozen garlic bread without it feeling like it is soggy and trust me when I say you will wish you were eating this garlic bread to yourself, as it is way too good for sharing.

We shared ours between 5 of us, so I only got 1 slice, but next time I will make sure I buy more than one frozen garlic bread to cook in the air fryer!

After all in the air fryer oven it can easily cook 3-4 frozen garlic breads at the same time!

Frozen Garlic Cheese Bread In Air Fryer

Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread in box

The frozen garlic bread that I am cooking in my air fryer oven today is a garlic cheese bread base.

I love my garlic bread with cheese and during the takeaways I would order with Dominic when we lived in England, they always had cheese on them, it was like the garlic bread law.

Or my dad was obsessed with a frozen garlic bread that he would buy. It had garlic and tomatoes as the toppings and tasted amazing. Sadly, the supermarket he got it from doesn’t sell it anymore.

But whatever your garlic bread toppings, garlic bread is perfect for cooking in the air fryer and you could even add extra toppings to your frozen garlic bread before you cook it.

For example, I often find that when I buy frozen garlic breads or pizzas, that they lack a decent amount of cheese, so I will add extra to it before cooking.

Air Fryer Frozen Pizza Temp?

For cooking air fryer frozen garlic bread in the air fryer oven, the temperature is 180c or 360f. You want to achieve a medium temperature for your frozen garlic bread so that it is thoroughly cooked but not too hot so that it comes out dry.

Trust me when I say, that there is nothing worse than dry garlic bread pizza.

air fryer frozen food is featured

Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread Time?

For the air fryer frozen garlic bread cooking time it is JUST 7 minutes. That is without a preheat and a throw it in and 7 minutes later you have delicious frozen garlic bread.

Instead of spending your money on a takeaway, grab yourself a cheap frozen garlic bread, add extra toppings and you then have a delicious garlic pizza for a fraction of the cost.

How To Air Fry Frozen Garlic Bread In The Air Fryer Oven

Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread Step By Step

Remove the garlic bread from all of its packaging. If you want to add any extra toppings to your frozen garlic bread, then add it now.

I recommend extra cheese, some tomato, maybe a sprinkle of oregano, or you can just leave it as it is.

Place the garlic bread onto the middle shelf of your air fryer oven. Too high and it will dry out and too low and it wont cook and will need longer.

Set the temperature to 180c/360f for 7 minutes.

Serve warm with some delicious garlic mayonnaise for dipping.

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Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread
Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread
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Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread

Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread. How to cook your favourite frozen garlic bread in the air fryer oven. Easy step by step air fryer frozen garlic bread tutorial that is easy to adapt to your favourite brand of frozen garlic bread.
Cook Time7 minutes
Total Time7 minutes
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Air Fryer Oven
Servings: 2
Calories: 355kcal


Kitchen Gadgets:

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Frozen Garlic Bread Pizza


  • Remove the packaging from your frozen garlic bread.
  • Add any extra toppings on top of your frozen garlic bread.
  • Place your garlic bread onto your air fryer oven middle shelf.
  • Set the time to 7 minutes and the temperature to 180c/360f.
  • Serve warm.


I always find that frozen garlic breads and frozen pizzas tend to lack toppings. I recommend adding some extra cheese to your garlic bread before cooking.
You could follow our temp and time for our frozen garlic bread for any frozen garlic bread or pizza.


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Air Fryer Frozen Garlic Bread recipe

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